4 Tips to Manage Candidates from Placement to Start Date

Follow our best practice advice to ensure your candidates make it across the start line

A verbal acceptance from your candidate doesn't always mean they actually start the job. Follow our 4 easy tips for managing a candidate from offer to start date.

Once the offer has been accepted, make sure to move your candidate along the workflow to the placement stage, as this triggers start date check-in onto your dashboard.

This will also prompt you to review the candidate's marketing preferences.

You may wish to unsubscribe from job alerts to ensure they don't have their head turned at the latest advert you've just posted. But keep them opted in for email marketing so you can still include them in mailshots in the future.

Set Check-in reminders

You should check-in with your candidate regularly during their notice period.

After moving to placement stage, set your first reminder to call the candidate the day they are handing in their notice:

From your dashboard (candidate calls), you can then record your next follow ups:

Aim to call your candidate at least once per week from handing in notice through to start date.

For more info on recording candidate actions check this article.

Send Relevant Content

If you have a blog filled with useful content on topics such as 'how to hand in your notice', 'preparing for day 1 in your new job', 'why not to accept a counter offer', use this to supplement your candidate calls, providing extra value to your candidates. Or if you don't have a blog, you could create some handy documents/emails to send to candidates after accepting an offer.

Use the bulk emails to create a template that can be sent to your recently placed candidates at the click of a button.

Super users can edit the email template so all users are using the same information, or each template can be edited as you go by any user level.

Don't forget start date check-in!

And after all the management across the notice period, don't forget to check in on start date to make sure day 1 went/is going well.