Adding a Banner Image to Your Website

Here's how to add a banner image to your website.

Your banner image is the image that displays across the main front of your website:

To add your banner image to your Homepage, click through Website > Web Content, select the homepage then hit Images.

This will allow you to upload to the Banner Image section by hitting select Image.

You can then upload and select the banner image you wish to use. Please Note: On Oyster there is only space for a single Banner image.

The following image sizes are recommended for the templates:


Banner Image Sizes


1024 x 680 PX


1920 x 936 PX


1903px x 937 PX


1920 x 1080 PX


1903 x 539 PX

Mahi Mahi

1900 x 600 PX




1300 x 861 PX


Once completed, hit Save and this will add the banner image to your Homepage!

Banner Image best practice:

  • The colour is important - ensure your website is eye catching and pops on the screen with vibrant colours

  • However, make sure the colours and content of our banner image match your brand colours and values

  • Ensure your banner image colours don't clash with your menu text and logo colours - otherwise, they will become impossible to see on screen! (Example - Don't have a light-coloured banner if your logo and menu items are white)