Advert SEO and Posting to Social Media

Firefish allows users to add SEO details to individual adverts that appear on your Jobs Page and post to Social Media directly from the advert record.

Updating Advert SEO

Posting Adverts to Social Media

Social Sharing Logo

Updating Advert SEO

Professional and Enterprise users have an SEO tab within adverts, which allows you to edit the advert page title, keywords and description to optimise searching and make it easy for potential candidates to come across your advert.

Firefish will automatically populate page details based on the advert details, but you can edit the SEO details by clicking on the SEO tab.

You can use the blue i icon for helpful tips on what to show in each field and best practices for SEO for weach field:

As well as appearing in search engines, the text in the Page Description will also show in the small "preview" when you share adverts on social media.

From this screen, you can also use the Google for Jobs Testing Tool link which will also you to see which data from the advert is pulled across to Google For Jobs.

Posting Adverts to Social Media

In order to supercharge your adverts exposure, why not post it across your social media platforms to attract a wider audience?

Firefish give you the option to post to over 200 social media sites all from your advert record.

On the advert header there are quick post options to post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter however if you click more this will give you the option to post to all the available options including Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, email recipients and more!

The Share button will always open a new popup on the site you wish to share from and post to the account you are logged into.

If posting to Facebook, you can post to your personal feed or pages/groups you own - just change the option under the "Share to News Feed or Story" option.

Social Sharing Logo

Super Users can upload a Social Sharing Logo by going to Website > Job Search:

Here we recommend uploading a high quality image. The recommended file type for any images being used on web is .png format. This is the best quality and renders across all browsers.

This logo will be used when sharing any adverts to social media, providing you've selected Our Logo within the advert branding options.

Without getting too technical, the image you upload here is the one we'll add OG:Image tags to, which is what social media platforms use for guidance. However, this does not guarantee which image will be used on social, as this is completely outwith our control.

Note: if you're using hootsuite, it looks like you can pick the image to use but it doesn't always display that image when it's posted because each social media platform will pick an image itself.

If you share an advert, then add an image later or amend the content and Repost, social media sites may not pick up the newly added image or content, as it displays a previously cached version of the advert.