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I've Received an Application without a CV?

I Can't Enter Advert Content

I've updated by Advert but it won't Update In Firefish

I've Received an Application without a CV?

If you've received an application without a CV, you may not have enabled document uploads from mobile devices.

To enable this, go to Website > Registration Plugin > Web Registration.

You'll see two settings, one to enable document uploads from mobile devices and one to make this field non mandatory. We would recommend ticking the second option as not all candidates will have access to their CV on mobile, this way the candidate will still be able to submit their application.

If you receive an advert application via mobile, you'll see this note in the Action History of the advert and candidate record, under the corresponding application entry. Click on the notepad icon to view the note.

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I Can't Enter Advert Content

You will not be able to add advert content or preview job adverts if you have enabled an ad blocker in Google Chrome; they've called their own software AdBlocker, which removes ads from websites.

To disable this feature, click on the AdBlocker icon. Click Don't run on pages on this domain.

A box will pop up; click on Exclude. You will now be able to see advert previews.

Using Another Browser

Whilst we would recommend using Firefish on Chrome, you can also try running it in another browser such as Internet Explorer, which will allow you to navigate your way through the workflow with no ad blocker. This is also a good way of testing to ensure it's definitely an ad blocker causing the problem.

Using Chrome in Incognito Mode

If everything works as normal in another browser then try running Chrome in incognito mode as there's probably something running as an add-in and Chrome is disabling as a result.

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I've Updated My Advert But It Won't Update On Facebook

Changed text or added an image to your advert after it was posted? You'll need to clear the cache on your social media sites to share the advert with the updated content.

  1. Go to the Facebook tool which can be found at this URL: - it may ask you to log in (just using your Facebok credentials)

  2. Enter the advert URL* in the text field and click on 'Fetch New Scrape Information'

  3. Now you'll be able to share to Facebook with the most up to date advert text and images!

* You'll find the Advert URL by clicking on the link at the top right hand side of the advert

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