Click to Call and SMS Settings

Super users can follow the following steps to enable your click to call and SMS settings.

If you're a Super User, you can set up and manage all your Firefish integrations in Integrations settings - including Click to Call and SMS.

Note: You must be a Super User to manage settings.

Call Settings 

The Call Settings tab allows you to request that Click to Call be switched on within your system.

Click to Call

The Integrations - call section will tell you if you have Click to Call enabled.

If Click to Call is not enabled on your system, you can use the 'Request' button to tell Support that you would like to switch this on. We'll give you a call to confirm the details and set this up.

Call Users

If you have Click to Call enabled, you can choose which users can use it in the Call Users section.

Find out more about how to set up Click to Call here.

SMS Settings

The SMS Settings page will allow you to request Firefish SMS, enable Firetext SMS, or disable the SMS altogether.

To enable Firefish SMS, click the request button on the right and this will ask our Support team to switch it on for you.

If you're using Firetext, once the integration has been enabled, use your Firetext login to get started.

You can disable SMS integrations at any time by clicking the Disable button.

This page also gives you the option to enable SMS Response Alerts. This will send an email to users whenever an SMS message is received.

SMS Delivery Attempts

If you have Firefish SMS enabled, you can set a limit for delivery attempts in Firefish.

As SMS providers charge on a "per delivery attempt" basis, you will be charged for any SMS that is Undeliverable. In order to limit these undeliverable attempts, you can set a limit for how many undeliverable SMS can be sent to a mobile number. Once that limit has been reached, Firefish will block any further SMS attempts to that mobile number, preventing unwanted charges.

The default limit in Firefish is 5, but you can change this with the Delivery Attempts setting: