Consider Candidates for a Job

Here's how you can consider candidates for a job. This will be useful for new users getting started on the system.

To consider a candidates for your job, select the tick box to the left of any candidate's name in the Potential Matches list to move the candidate into the Considering list of the job.

Use the cross icon to remove the candidate from the Potential Matches list.

You can also do this in bulk by selecting multiple candidates at the same time then by clicking Consider or Remove at the bottom of the list:

You can also manually add candidates to your Considering list by typing their name into the 'Add Candidate' field at the top left of the list:

Clicking the tick box beside a candidate will prompt Email, SMS, Not Progressing and Withdraw actions to appear. You can perform any of these actions for individual candidates, or bulk actions for 2 or more candidates

You can also manage your candidates based on their suitability. If you click on the Suitability Flag, you can assign a flag to the following priority:

When candidates are assigned a flag, they'll be ordered in the following priority: Unranked (Grey), Suitable (Green), Maybe (Yellow) and Unsuitable (Red).

If a candidate is considered via an advert, the flag will be set to unranked. If a candidate is not progressed or withdrawn, their flag status will be set to Unsuitable and they'll move to the bottom of the list.

Once candidates are sorted by Suitability, the most recently updated will always be at the top. This order is set when you refresh or revisit the list.

You can also view a candidates notes by clicking on the Speech Bubble icon as shown below:

Once you've got some suitable candidates considering, you can use the buttons across the bottom of the page to set up Recruiter Interviews, Employer Interviews, Send CVs or Offer a candidate:

Candidates can also be considered onto a job via a candidates record, a candidate search or an advert.