Contract Status Updates

How Firefish keeps your candidate statuses up to date

When you place a candidate in Firefish, their Candidates Status is updated to 'Placed By Us' for permanent placements and 'Contracting Through Us' for contract placements.

This status will remain in place for the permanent placements, however, the system will automatically update the contract placements status so your data is always accurate.

Every morning, Firefish automatically runs our Contract Status Update Service which updates the status for contract candidates whose contract employment in the system has changed.

Firstly, when the contractor is placed, their status will change to 'Contracting Through Us'.

When the service is run, however, it will look for candidates with this status and no live contracts but at least one previous contract – essentially candidates whose contracts have just finished and return them to 'Actively looking'.

This allows you to keep the data in the system as accurate as possible and ensure candidates are coded up correctly, meaning searching in the system will help you find contractors that are actually looking for a new role.