Custom Fields Best Practice

This article will help you understand what type of custom fields you might want to track in both perm and temp workflows.

When adding a new job to Firefish you will select an appropriate Job Workflow, either Permanent or Temporary. Your set Custom fields pop up on selection to capture information relevant to the workflow, we call these Custom Fields. Firefish grants you the ability to add additional customisable fields to meet your own requirements to better track your workflows. These fields can even be transferred into your Time Sheet Portal integration if you are using this too.

You will find some examples of custom fields for both Perm and Temp workflows below however you can pick and choose or add your own to suit your own business requirements.

You will have access to 3 Dropdowns and 2 text fields for your permanent workflow. These could be used in the following examples:

Exclusive: Use to capture whether the job is exclusive to you in a Yes / No dropdown.

PO Number: Keep on top of your invoicing by capturing the PO Number.

Fixed Term Contract End date: This will allow you to capture an end date for any roles that are Fixed Term.

Compliance level: You can confirm the level of compliance for the job being hired by selecting from your customisable dropdown, for example: Standard Job / Standard Job with Vehicle / No compliance rqd etc

Temp Custom Fields

You will have access to 3 Dropdowns and 7 text fields for your Temporary workflow. These could be used in the following examples:

Overtime rules: Create a dropdown to confirm if overtime is allowed or if there are any specific rules, example Overtime Permitted / Max 2 hours per day /etc

Vehicle reg numbers: Use a text field to capture registration numbers where it is required for certain jobs.

Level or Quality of role: Capture the level of role, example 1 / 2 / 3 as a dropdown or the Quality A / B / C. You can confirm internally what each level means.

IR35: Capture whether the role is falling inside or outside of IR35 with a dropdown.

Must have’s: Create an open text field to capture any must have’s whether its related to a certificate, available for weekend work, within a certain distance, a driving license etc.