4 Top Tips for Managing your Candidates Compliance

Here are our 4 Top tips to ensure your candidates are fully compliant.

As a recruiter, having fully compliant Candidates in line with your Company or Clients requirements can be crucial when making placements. Here are our 4 Top tips to ensure your candidates are fully compliant which can lead to quicker placements!

Candidate details are bespoke fields that can be used to record additional information about candidates that may be industry-specific to your company. Find more information on using Candidate compliance details here.

First of all decide what information you need from your Candidates and when you would need this.

Candidates compliance requirements can vary depending on which types of roles and the industry you recruit for so deciding what information you need for each Candidate and at what stage of the recruitment process you require this information is key.

You select which details to set up at Registration or Offer stage via the Compliance Details Settings.

Below are some examples of some Candidates details you may need:

  • Right to Work documents (Passport / Birth Certificate/ Via Information)

  • Proof of Address

  • PVG / DBS/ Criminal Record Check

  • Qualifications / Certifications / CSCS Card / Driving License

  • Financial checks

Keep it simple

Requesting loads of information and documentation can be off-putting for some candidates, especially if this is personal information. Ensure that the details you are requesting from Candidates are relevant and required for the role.

GDPR Regulations also state that data should be kept to a minimum.

Keep it up to date

Making sure your Candidate's details are always up to date is a great way to ensure that your candidates remain fully compliant and enables you to make placements quicker.

Set a follow up date for any details with an expiry date or that need to be renewed on a regular basis as this will allow you to then manage these directly from your To Do list. You will then be able to see which candidates' details are due to expire or have expired and allows you to request up-to-date details or mark as complete.

Encourage Candidates to use the Candidate Portal

Encouraging candidates to use the Candidate Portal to enter and upload their compliance information is a great way to save you time from having to having to manually enter these for all of your candidates and also allows candidates to make any updates or changes to their details.

If there is any information that you do not want candidates to be able to access or update, you can set these as ‘Hidden’ from the candidate portal which will mean the candidates are unable to see this within the portal.

Find information on how to manage your company compliance for a job here.