Email Priority in Firefish

The Firefish application sends a number of emails using the Firefish Email Message Manager application.

Within the Firefish, various actions you perform will trigger the send of an email to various recipients.

Every message that is sent is then queued in the client database with a priority set on the message. The message will reside in the clients’ database until it has been processed by the Firefish Email Message Manager application, and therefore depending on the priority set will depend when the message is sent, therefore the higher the priority set on the message will ensure the message gets processed first.


What are the priorities of emails?

Firefish uses the following priorities:

High Priority

  • Rejection Email due to failing pre-screen questions

  • Send CV Emails on Job Workflow (Candidate and Contact)

  • Recruiter Interview Action Emails

  • Employer Interview Action Emails

  • Offer Emails on Job Workflow (Candidate and Contact)

  • Forgotten and Change Password Emails

Normal Priority

The priority that the majority of emails will be sent is normal priority. These are:

  • Sending a single Candidate CV on Spec

  • Single Candidate Job Alerts

  • Candidate Withdrawing or Not Progressing from a Job and Declined Offers

  • Placements, Extensions and Terminations; Confirmations, Compliance and Invoices

  • Acknowledgement of Applications

  • Sending Company Terms and Conditions, Company Proposals, Contract and Permanent Terms

  • Single Candidate GDPR Compliance Reminder Emails

  • Candidate Reference Request, Details Requests, Follow Ups, Get in Touch and General Emails

  • Speculative, Registration, Contract Review or General Update Interviews

  • Candidate/Employer Welcome and Password Send

  • Adding a Company from a Candidate record

  • Advert Renewal Reminders

  • Refer a Friend Emails

  • Registration Emails (Acceptance/Decline) for Adverts/Web Registrations

  • Meeting Arrangements and Thank You Emails

  • Contact Business Development and Feedback Email

  • Contact Advert Authorisations and new Job Creations

  • Blog Posts and Newsletter Subscriptions

Bulk High Priority

The following emails will be given priority over other bulk emails:

  • Send Job Specification to Candidate(s) on Advert Screen

  • Send a Candidate CV on Spec to Contact(s)

Bulk Priority

  • Sending email from distribute alert Mailshot

  • Send Email clicking on Email button on Advert Application Tab

  • Clicking on Not Progressing button on Advert Application Tab

  • Clicking on Considering button on Advert Application Tab

  • Clicking on Email button on Talent ban Screen

  • Clicking on Considering button on Candidate Search list

  • Clicking on Email Button on Potential Matches list


    Lowest Priority

  • GDPR Compliance Opt in Emails (Candidates and Contacts)