At Firefish, we're always keen to hear your feedback on our features as well as any new ideas you have for improving our product.

It's easy to get in touch with us, simply click the Road Map tab on the right-hand side of your screen:

Clicking roadmap gives you access to the Firefish Community

...then select Road Map from the options available:

Select Road Map from the available options

Raising an Idea

To raise an idea, simply start typing in the field which says "Enter your idea".

As you begin to type, existing ideas will be suggested based on your keywords. You can either vote for an existing idea or post a new idea.

What happens when I raise an idea?

If you raise an idea, our Product Team will review all ideas posted on the Community and we aim to respond within 48 hours.

When an idea is responded to, it will be given one of the following statuses:


What does it mean?

An idea has initial interest and is open to accept more votes in order to prioritise this work onto the road map. An idea open for voting needs more than 10 votes in the first year to be considered.

An idea has been open for 8 months and will be closed in 4 months if it receives less than 10 votes.

An idea has been moved onto the road map and requirements are being reviewed.

An idea is currently being worked on by our developers.

An idea has been developed and is currently being tested.

An idea has been developed and is currently in a Beta testing phase.

The Product Team have asked a question and is awaiting feedback from the user.

An idea has been answered, which did not require the ticket to be opened for voting.

An idea hasn't received enough votes to be considered, 1 year since being raised.

An idea has been closed off as it's not possible/suitable for the product.

An idea has been developed, tested and released to the product.

Voting for ideas

To vote for an idea, use the VOTE button to the left hand side of each idea.

Each user gets 10 votes. You can add 1, 2 or 3 votes to an idea:

When an idea you've voted for is Answered, Completed, Declined or has Insufficient Votes; you'll get your vote back and can use it for something else!

Redistributing votes

On occasion, you may not want to wait for your votes to be returned; but don't worry, you have the option to redistribute your votes!

You'll see a tab labelled My Feedback, and in here you can see a list of all the suggestions you've voted for. Click on the Votes tab and either reduce the number of votes you've given an idea or remove votes altogether:

Why do I have a limited number of votes?

We need to make sure that everyone has an equal voice so that we can see which ideas are most important to you.

The ideas that have the most votes from the Community will be the first to be considered for any new releases of Firefish, so it's really helpful for seeing what's in high demand.

How often are ideas completed?

Many ideas will require a large amount of work including requirements gathering, development and testing. Due to the impact of larger improvements, we tend to release these through a new version of the software, referred to as Beta. We aim to release one key feature every quarter.

However, if an idea requires less development and is something which can be developed in the current product we'll do our best to fast track this through.

You can view all completed ideas here.

How many votes does an idea need to be considered?

Based on the number of users using Firefish, we will aim to prioritise the top voted ideas. The product team will review all ideas raised on the community however if an idea reaches 30 votes we'll gather requirements and assess whether this can be moved onto the road map.

Alternatively, if your idea is not gaining the votes it needs, you can request to pay to priortise it. Just contact Support to make this request.

From time to time you may also see ideas with a lower number of votes being completed - as we're making improvements to areas within the system, we'll review other ideas which relate to the same areas and aim to work these into that piece of development, if appropriate.

Now, go and get voting on the Community!

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