There are 2 ways you can add a new person to Firefish:

  1. Choose People on the top menu, then New Person from the menu that appears:

2. Select People, Search, then +New on the left hand side.

You will be prompted to search for your person, to ensure you do not create a duplicate. You can then select to add a new Candidate or Contact.

Alternatively, you can select Create Contact from the contact screen in a company record.

The surname search helps you to avoid creating duplicates. Search by surname first to make sure the person does not exist already as a contact or candidate in your database. If there is a no match on the surname you can them simply select Create New Candidate or Create New Contact.

If there is a match on the surname and the person already exists, then press Activate or Update on the relevant column to activate them as a candidate or contact on an existing record or update the key personal information.

If the person has an archived candidate or contact record, you can also unarchive from this page;

If you have the Ownership field enabled for candidates and / or contacts, this will default to the user creating the record. If you don't have Ownership enabled but would like it, super users can email support to request this.

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