On Thursday 12th March 2020, we released improvements to how sales figures are recorded in your Firefish database.

Previously, sales figures were attributed to job positions (not placements). This meant, in a case of a termination, a job position could've been reallocated to another candidate.

The improvements we've made now means that sales figures have a clear link to each placement (rather than a job position). By creating this clear link, we've ensured that all future sales figures, including all reports, is accurate.

What about historic sales figures?

As part of the switch-over to recording sales figures in this way; we've run data scripts to match each set of your historic sales figures against the correct placement (as best as possible).

Due to the way sales figures were previously recorded, there may be some instances where we couldn't match sales figures to the correct placement - in this instance, the sales figures have been added in the Additional Sales on the Summary of your job:

How to reallocate your sales figures

If you do find any instances where your sales figures haven't been allocated to the correct placement, here's how you can match them up:

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