You can add new users, cancel current licenses at any time.

Here's how to do it...

Request a new user

If you have added to your team, let us know and we can provide your new user with a licence.

To request a new Firefish user, you can email Support with the following information:

  • New User's Name

  • New User's Email Address

  • New User's Licence Type

  • New User's Licence Start Date

Cancelling a current license

If you'd like to cancel a user licence, simply pop an email across to Support with the users licence name and email address.

If you're billed monthly, there will be a 30 day notice period before the licence closes. You'll still have full access to the licence during this notice period. Let us know if you wish to change the password to restrict access.

If you're billed annually, we will close the license with immediate effect. This will make this license spare which you can reuse for a new user.

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