KPI Targets

Recruitment Managers and Super Users can click through Settings > User Management > KPI Targets to create targets for users.

To set KPI Targets, first select the Current Year and the User that you're setting the targets for.

The targets are split into three sections - Business Development, Jobs and Candidate. Fill in the targets beneath each section.

Firefish KPI Targets configuration menu

You can also customise which KPIs are displayed on a users Dashboard. To hide a KPI, simply untick the box at the end of each row and click Save.

KPI targets disabled on the dashboard unticked option

You can use a User KPI Standard Report to review the KPI's and the performance of the users against these targets

Sales Targets

Select the Current Year and User, then enter the annual targets in the Contracts and Permanent boxes. The monthly targets will then be calculated automatically.

You can select any of the boxes and change the figures. When you're happy with the targets, Save.

The Sales Targets should now appear on each user's dashboard.

By default, users can also view other users dashboards by selecting the relevant name from the View As drop-down.

Super Users can limit which users can view other users dashboards via User Permissions.

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