You know the saying; sharing is caring, and we would love it if you shared the benefits of Firefish with any friends and family in the industry.

We know your time is valuable, so we'll make sure you are both rewarded for the referral, should they swim over and join our shoal🐠

How it works

1. Send invite
First, think of a friend. You don’t need to be best friends, literally any will do - it's probably best if you do know them though. Then enter your details and we’ll email you a special link to share with them.

2. They join Firefish

Your friend must follow the unique link and schedules a swim with our growth team. They'll go through the same process you did when joining and if you're in luck then they'll choose to join our shoal.

3. Get rewarded

Once they're up and running with Firefish and they've paid their first bill, we’ll email you both a £30 Amazon Gift Card within 30 days (of bill payment).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer someone already on Firefish for a different package?

You can only refer anyone who is not an existing Firefish customer. When you refer a friend, they need to take out a new subscription with Firefish.

When are rewards sent?

Once your friend has officially joined Firefish, we’ll need to do some checks before you get your rewards. Both you and your friend need to be outside of your cancellation periods. And you both need to have paid your next full bill from the point at which your friend joined Firefish.

You should both receive your rewards via email within 45 days of your friend’s go-live date.

How many friends can I refer each year?

There is no cap on the number of referrals you can make each year. Remember though, each friend will have to sign-up to Firefish before you are both rewarded.

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