In this guide, you'll find details on how to create, edit and manage pages of your Firefish Template Website.

You'll find everything you need to manage your blended website through the Content Management System (CMS).

To access the CMS, select Website > Web Content from the main menu.

Click to jump straight to the action you want to perform:

Creating web pages

To create a new web page by clicking the green + symbol, within Web Content.

Adding new pages in the CMS

You can also create secondary web pages by selecting an existing web page listed and right clicking, then selecting Add Page.

Adding a secondary page

In Menu Text, add in the name of your page that will be displayed on your website.

Adding Menu Text for a new page

You will also need to select a Page Type; by default this will be a standard Content Page.

The default page type is Content

Once you've added in all of your content, use the Preview button to see what your page will look like when it's live on your website.

Click to preview your changes

If you're happy with your preview, then tick the Is Live checkbox to make your new page live.

If you want the page to appear on your main menu then tick Show on Main Menu and click Save.

Check the boxes to make your new page live and appear as a main menu item

You can take a page offline at any time without having to delete it - to do this, just un-tick Is Live. Re-ticking will make your page live again.


You can also manage your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for all new pages you create. Check out our SEO guide to find out how giving your content pages titles, descriptions and keywords will make a huge difference to your website's search engine rankings.

Adding a plugin page

To add a Firefish Plugin in the CMS, you'll first need to have it enabled.

Once enabled, you'll now be able to select the Plugin from the Page Type options when creating a new page.

Add in the Menu Text, URL and Header Text.

Adding a new Firefish Plugin

You can now add to the content area on your Plugin, however the majority of the content automatically pull across from the Plugin itself which you can access from the Website menu on Firefish.

Firefish Plugins are accessible via the Website menu item

You can find out more about what Plugins are available and how to manage them here.

Adding a menu URL link

If you want to link your website to a site that is not hosted on Firefish, you can do this by adding a Menu URL Link.

This could be used for links to external video channels or for a link to a sister company for example.

To add a Menu URL Link, create a new web page by clicking the green + symbol, within Web Content.

Adding new pages in the CMS

Then select Menu URL Link from the options within Page Type.

Adding a new Menu Link URL

This removes the need for a content section and you'll only need to add in the Menu Text and Page URL; this is the link that the page will display.

Ensure the Menu Text and URL are populated

Finally make sure that the checkboxes for Is Live and Show on Main Menu are checked. Your new menu item will now appear on your Website and link to your specified page

Sorting web pages

Sorting your web pages can be done at any time. Click the A-Z button to sort the whole menu, or select a menu section to sort the secondary pages in that section.

You can also sort by right-clicking on an individual menu item.

Sorting web pages in the CMS

The web pages will then display as a list. Just drag and drop into the order you would like them to appear then Save.

Drag and drop to sort

Deleting web pages

To delete a webpage, just select that page then press the red X at the top of the menu to delete it.

Deleting web pages from the CMS

You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the page, and when you select OK it'll be removed.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the page and then click remove.

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