Super Users can configure various settings that are used throughout the system. These settings control the Date & Calendar format, Company Information and levels of security to access the system.

To access Settings, click the cog icon in the top menu section of the page. Then, select System Configuration from the drop down menu.

System settings menu and drop down on Firefish header menu section

Your settings are accessed on the General and Security pages:

Company Information

Company Information can be found on the General tab. Here you can add your company details such as your company Name, Contact Details and Address:

If your website allows, these will also be dynamically linked to your site and will update the address and other contact details in your website footer.

Date & Calendar Settings

Date & Calendar Settings are also found on the General tab. Here you can update some of your general system settings:


This setting controls the format of the dates displayed throughout the system.

Time Zone

You can set the timezone for your system.

Distance Unit

This is used for postcode radius searching in searches and in potential matches.

Currency Symbol

Choose the default currency for your system. This will appear throughout your system including jobs, adverts and candidate records.

Phone Country Code

Choose the default country code for phone numbers on your system.

Enterprise users can edit all of these settings per individual site.

Calendar Settings

You can change the calendar that your Firefish system runs on to suit your business. For example, if your year starts in April, you can make April the start of the year on Firefish.

The calendar affects your business plan and KPIs on both the dashboard and within settings. Changing the year will also cause your previous year's data to be reported/displayed with the new settings.

To start the year in January select the Jan-Dec mode, or to start the year in any other month select the Flexible Year Start.

If you've selected Flexible Year Start in the Calendar Mode, you'll need to select the month in which your year starts from the Start Month drop down.

Next, select the Quarter Mode. This depends on whether your weeks run on 4-4-5, 4-5-4 or 5-4-4 weeks within each month of the quarter:

Sales Projection Mode lets you select whether you are forecasting weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Finally, Start of business week lets you change your business start day, i.e if you're working week begins on a Sunday.

Once you're happy with your new settings, just click Save.

Global User Restrictions

Global User Restrictions can be found on the Security tab:

Enable IP Whitelisting/Time Restrictions

Within Firefish, Super Users have the ability to set time based restrictions to control when users can log into your system or set IP address restrictions.

Super Users are exempt from all user restrictions to allow management access. Global user restrictions will be applied to all other users.

Check out how to set restrictions here.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security can also be found on the Security tab:

Enable Password Complexity

When enabled, this setting means ALL passwords should include at least 3 of the following:

  • Uppercase letters (A - Z)

  • Lowercase letters (a - z)

  • Numbers (0 - 9)

  • Symbols (#@! etc.)

The minimum password length of 8 characters will still be required in addition to the above.

This affects ALL users including candidates, recruiters etc.

Enforce Multi Factor Authentication

When enabled, this setting will enforce Multi Factor Authentication for all users when logging into the system.

You can find full information about Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) here.

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