Want to personalise your system colours and logos?

The Branding page lets you quickly and easily change the appearance of Firefish for all your users.

To access Branding, click the cog icon in your main menu header.

You can then navigate to > System Configuration.

System settings menu and drop down on Firefish header menu section

From here you can access the Branding page:


Firefish allows you to customise the logos you would like for different areas of the system. Each logo displays an info bubble letting you know the recommended size for that specific upload and anything larger will be resized automatically to the recommended size:

System Logo

You can add a main system logo which will appear in the top left of your screen; you can select this from anywhere within Firefish to return to your dashboard:

Small Version

You can also add a small version of your main system logo which will appear in the top left of your screen when your Recent Activity sidepanel is collapsed:

If you don't have a file uploaded here, you'll see a standard Home icon:


The favicon icon adds an image to be displayed in the address bar of a browser or next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks:

We recommend using a .ico file format for your Favicon logo and within the info bubble you'll find a link to a converter allowing you to easily create one. Click the link to the converter, upload your original image and click Convert. This will now download your .ico file , which you can save on your computer and upload to Firefish.

Social Sharing

You can upload a Social Sharing logo which will be used when sharing any adverts out to social media, providing you've selected Our Logo within the advert branding options.

Here we recommend uploading a high quality image. The recommended file type for any images being used on web is .png format. This is the best quality and renders across all browsers.

Without getting too technical, the image you upload here is the one we'll add OG:Image tags to, which is what social media platforms use for guidance. However, this does not guarantee which image will be used on social, as this is completely out with our control.

The optimal image size that we recommend is 1220 x 630 pixels. Ideally, your original image will be this size but you can amend it if required.

This size and aspect ratio is recommended as we have tested this across the social media platforms and Google For Jobs. We would advise having this as your company logo, with a wide border of block colour around it, to allow it to display well across different platforms, Here's an example of the one we use:

Having this in different sizes or aspect ratios can lead to the image being stretched, and having the logo in the centre allows you to ensure the entire logo will be visible and not cropped by the sites.

If you have a logo which may not fit the above dimensions, we'd recommend editing this on an online image editor or paint to create an image at the 1200 x 630 px resolution.

Your Social Sharing Logo will be saved as an original, large (2000 X 2000 px) and small version (200 X 200 px).

Advert Logo

You also have the option to brand your adverts by adding a specific logo for them here.

System Colours

Here you can change the Primary system colour, Secondary system colour, Buttons and Hyperlinks colours:

Once you're happy, just click Save to make the changes permanent.

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