To access Potential Matches settings, click the cog icon in the top menu section of the page. Then, select Job Configuration from the drop down menu.

Firefish software Job Configuration menu with Potential Matches selected

In the Potential Matches section, you'll see up to six different factors that could influence the Potential Matches list you see in jobs. Please note that if you have any Candidate Preferences disabled, they won't be displayed here, as they're not being used anywhere else in the system.

You can switch on the Postcode Radius Search in jobs and use the drop down menus to specify what impact you want the criteria to have on the results; choose from Ignore, Score Only or Filter & Score.

  • Ignore will mean it doesn’t influence the match score at all.

  • Score Only will allow it to influence the % match score.

  • Filter & Score will filter out the candidates that don’t meet this preference and contribute to the overall % match score.

You can also choose whether you’d like to combine your keywords with OR or AND. If you’re looking to narrow down the results you’re receiving, AND will be the way forward but if your data is limited OR will allow a wider search.

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