You can make changes to the workflow settings of your contract jobs whenever necessary.

To find your Contract Workflow settings, click the cog icon in the top menu section of the page. Then, select Job Configuration from the drop down menu.

Firefish Job Configuration in the Settings drop down menu

In the Job Configuration section, click on Contract Workflow.

Firefish Job Configuration menu with Contract Workflow indicated

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Manage custom fields

Just like the Custom Fields in the Permanent Workflow settings, you can decide which fields to enable for contract roles, and which fields are mandatory.

Manage your contract workflow custom fields

You can also create your own custom fields. To find out more check out the Properties settings page.

Decide unit settings

Here you can choose your default rate type (per day or per hour) and the default number of hours in a day.

Remember you can still change this for individual jobs within each job record.

Set your default rate type and default number of hours in a day

Manage compliance

In the Compliance section, you can decide who is responsible for managing compliance for your Contract Placements and how these checks should be made.

You can restrict recruitment activities until authorisation that a company or and candidate has been deemed compliant.

Settings Job Configuration Contract Workflow Compliance

Here's a breakdown of what each section means:

Authorisation on Job

Choose Super Users or Compliance Users who will be responsible for checking company details before jobs can be actively worked. They will receive an email whenever a new job is created.

Have a look at the Company Compliance page to find out how to get the most out of this feature.

Authorisation on Offer

Choose Super Users or Compliance Users who will be responsible for authorising job offers. They will receive an email whenever a new offer is created.

Have a look at the Candidate Compliance page to perfect your Candidate compliance.

Candidate email on Offer

This controls whether an email is sent to the Candidate when an Offer is created.

Contact email on Offer

This controls whether an email is sent to the Contact when an Offer is created.

Authorisation check for Extensions

Choose Super Users or Compliance Users to be notified anytime changes are made to Extensions.

Authorisation check for Terminations

Choose Super Users or Compliance Users to be notified anytime changes are made to Terminations.

Allow Recruiter to Confirm Placement

When Authorisation on Offer is enabled, this setting will allow Recruiters to place candidates. Once Compliance has been checked by a Super User or Compliance User, the Recruiter who owns the Job will receive an email notification.

Not-editable placement fields

Selecting any of the fields listed here will lock editing for everyone besides Super-Users and Compliance Users.

Manage document eSign

In the Document eSign section you can enable a setting which allows you to add an electronic signature (eSign) option for you candidates and contacts - finalising contracts without the need for ever lifting a pen! You even have the option to add a countersignature if required, as well as an easy way to view the eSign status of all of your contracts straight from your Dashboard. Some setting up is required, which is explained here.

Decide your automation rules

Manage who owns a placement and marketing preferences using the following fields:

Placement Owner

You can choose to give placement ownership to the Job owner or the User who makes the placement (sales figures and KPIs will also be assigned to this user).

Candidate Owner

When this setting is enabled, the Placement Owner will also become the Candidate Owner.

Timesheet Approver

When this setting is enabled, the Timesheet Approver fields will be available on the placements page.

Marketing Preferences

You can choose to enable a pop-up which allows you to unsubscribe your candidate from future marketing emails, SMS and job alerts at the offer and the placement stages of the job workflow.

By default, this pop-up will be disabled at the offer stage and enabled at the placement stage.

Choose your sales settings

Decide how you would like your sales to appear in your sales figures in Firefish.

For contract roles, you can choose:

  • a default pay type (PAYE or LTD)

  • PAYE Working Time Directive percentage

  • a default PAYE National Insurance percentage

  • PAYE Pension percentage

  • a display name for your Base Rate.

You can also set to calculate your sales figures for contract roles based on margin or markup.

Configure your Pay settings and additions like Pension and NI

Add additional rates

Here you can add additional rates such as overtime and weekend or night shift pay to contract workflows.

Your additional rates will display as a list here

Just click +Add then enter a Name for your rate and a shorter Display name which will appear on the job record.

Add additional rates to the contract workflow
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