Firefish lets you post to the following Stepstone job boards (formerly Total Jobs Group):

Career Structure


City Jobs

CW Jobs

EMed Careers


Retail Choice

Total Jobs

Add a Stepstone job board to your job board multi-posting

To add one or more of these job boards to your job board multi-posting, Super Users can go to Settings > Integrations > Job Boards then click Add.

To do so, you’ll need your Username and Password, your account manager at each job board should be able to provide these if you don’t know them.

Tabs that have required or mandatory fields will be indicated with a red status symbol displaying the number of mandatory fields for that tab.

If you are planning in using the Direct Apply funtionality, you'll also need to ask your Stepstone Job Board Account Manager to ensure ATSI Direct Apply is enabled on their end.

Your username will usually be in the following format: '3rdFeed' then your company name e.g. 3rdFeedFirefishSoftware

Firefish Profile Name

Give your job board settings a name - this will help identify different integrations with the same job board.

Take Contact Info from

You can choose whether the contact info, added to each advert post, uses your company details or individual recruiter details:

Company: This uses the information in your System Settings page.

Recruiter: This is dependent on the user listed on the advert. Contact information will be taken from their contact record.

Default Fields

Live Days

Choose the default number of days an advert should be posted to the job board for.

Hide Postcode

Choose whether part of the Postcode is hidden by default on adverts posted to the job board - this can be changed at the time of posting each advert.


In this tab you will be able to set up a limit of the number of credits being used per user or have unlimited postings to the job board:


This column will display a date, which shows you the last time the allowance period began, or the last time the total credits were reset.

Total Credits

Is set to unlimited by default and if you want to add the number of available credits from the job board or set your own limit you can.

Allowance Period

The allowance period can be set to Monthly or Weekly. When set to Monthly the credits will reset the allowance at the beginning of a new month. When set to Weekly the credits will reset on the same day as the start of the business week.


When a advert is posted to a job board this will register in the usage to show how many adverts have been posted against the total amount of credits.


In this column you can leave the user with the ability to post Unlimited adverts as they want to the job board or until the job board credits run out. You can also set a quota and when selected the default amount is set to 5 but can be changed to a limit you want to set. In this column you can also remove a users ability to post to this job board by toggling the user to the off position or you can toggle the switch on to allow a user to post to a job board.

Posting to Stepstone Job Boards

When you're ready to post to a job board, go to the advert you'd like to post and click on the Reach tab.

You'll see all the available job boards listed. Click the job board you want to post to.

Any fields that are mandatory will be marked with an asterisks. You can also enter and then select a location such as a city or region. Or you can enter a postcode. If you enter a postcode the town and region related to that postcode will be added automatically.

Once successfully posted, you'll get a success message to confirm.

You can also view all job board posting history, for each advert, by clicking More Actions > Action History.

Remote Working

Stepstone Job Boards do offer the option for you to highlight your posted Adverts as Remote Working.

To do this, simply specify, within the advert body text, that the location is remote using typical remote working terminology such as:

  • Remote

  • Working from Home

  • WFH

  • Virtual

  • Telecommute

Direct Applications

Stepstone job boards also allow direct applications - meaning advert applications come directly back into your Firefish database; creating/updating candidate records and applying them straight to adverts - saving you precious admin time and reducing the applicant drop off rate.

To enable direct apply, simply ensure the "Use Direct Apply" box is ticked within your job board settings, then drop Support a message to request that the job board enables this feature for you:

Stepstone Job Board Profile within Firefish Integrations settings.

What data will appear on the candidate's record?

When a direct job board application comes into your Firefish database, the following data will be populated in the candidates record.

Apart from the candidates CV, the fields listed will only be populated if they are empty - no data will be overwritten.

Job Board Field

Firefish Field






Saved in documents tab: Original CV


Mobile Phone

Parsed from CV by job board. Phone number format is taken from job board.


Home Phone

Parsed from CV by job board. Phone number format is taken from job board.



Parsed from CV by job board.



Parsed from CV by job board.



Parsed from CV by job board.


Nationality (Candidate Detail)

Parsed from CV by job board. If nationality is not a drop down value, this will not be populated.

Annual Salary

Desired Salary

Firefish will populate the Desired Salary field with the mid-range of a salary range*

Daily Rate/Hourly Rate

Desired Rate

Firefish will populate the Desired Rate field with the mid-range of a rate range*


Candidate Preferences

A Candidates Preferred Discipline, Role, Location and/or Specialisation will be taken from the advert they've applied to.

Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Saved in Documents tab: Cover Letter. Only applicable to some job boards.

Employment History


Added to Employment within Profile tab of candidates record. Parsed from CV by job board.



Added to Education within Profile tab of candidates record. Includes Highest Degree name and field of study. Parsed from CV by job board.

Computer Skills


Added to Skills within Profile tab of candidates record. Parsed from CV by job board.

Natural Languages


Added to Languages within Profile tab of candidates record. Parsed from CV by job board.

Personal Skills

Profile Summary

Added to Profile Summary within Profile tab of candidates record. Parsed from CV by job board.

* Desired Salary/Desired Rate is populated as follows: take the mid-range value of the salary/rate range (rounded up to a whole number) e.g.

Job Board Salary/Rate

Firefish Desired Salary/Rate


£5000 per year


£44 per day


£6 per hour

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