When creating new web content pages and/or setting up your plugins, Firefish allows you to manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By adding titles, descriptions and keywords, you will make a huge difference to your website's search engine rankings.

To get started, select the SEO tab wherever it appears. For web pages this will be the last tab but for plugins its position will vary.

Clicking onto it you’ll see there are 3 boxes; this is where you enter information for the search engines.

Page title

The text you put in the Page Title box will appear in your web browser. The recommended maximum for a page title is 55 characters and it's best to avoid using too many capital letters as this uses up additional characters.

Page Title text will appear on a web browser

Once you save your changes, your page title will appear here:


Adding relevant Keywords will make it easier for potential clients and candidates to find your website when using a search engine.

Keywords should be different for each page and reflect the main topic keywards that are used in the content of the web page.

Keywords help your page be easily found

Page Description

The Page Description is the text you see under your search engine result and in the small 'preview' when sharing web pages on social media.

Add in your page description

Your recommended maximum length for page descriptions is 160 characters.

The page description appears in search engine results

If you want to learn more about improving the SEO of your Firefish Template website, check out this eBook: Recruitment SEO for Beginners

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