If you want to create an excellent experience for everyone who visits your recruitment website, the key is to think carefully about what content pages you link to across your navigation menu.

For example, these are some of the content pages we include on the Firefish website:

Ensuring you have all the essential pages will create a great web journey for your visitors and convince them to take the actions you want them to take on your website.

Here are 5 content pages your recruitment website should have:

1. About Us page

Your About Us page gives your website visitors an insight into who you are as a brand. This is your opportunity to tell your company story and highlight your business values - which are key to standing out in this busy recruitment market.

Our top tip when writing your content for your About Us page is to open with a powerful first sentence: Your mission statement and key messaging .

The great thing about creating an About Us page is that there's really no steadfast rules - use the space to give your visitors a clear impression of who you are and what drives you forward as a business.

If you are looking for guidance on how to make sure you brand shines through, read our ebook on how to create a strong recruitment agency brand online.

2. Jobs page

Unsurprisingly, your jobs page is the most important content page of any recruitment website.

Having a dedicated jobs page that you can host clearly in your website main menu will quickly drive all active candidates straight to the pages where they're likely to convert (i.e. register their details or apply for your jobs).

Your jobs page is also a great place to showcase your top featured jobs to prospective clients, as they'll be able to easily see what recruitment sectors you specialise in.

3. Candidate and Client offering pages

We strongly recommend that all recruitment agencies have separate pages for candidates and clients clearly indicated in their website menu.

As your website is catering to two very different audiences, it's important you guide them through the relevant web journey by sign-posting the pages that you want them to land on.

On these content pages, you'll want to focus on highlight your offering particularly for that audience:

  • Why should candidates register with you and why should employers want you to recruit for them?

  • What makes you different to other recruitment agencies?

  • What’s your USP?

This is your chance to sell your services to your different audiences.

4. Contact Us page

A Contact Us page is a great way to ensure the right people can get in touch with you instantly when they hit your website. Try to make it as clear and easy to find as possible.

We recommend including an info email and phone number on this page, so visitors have easy access and don’t need to go searching for contact information.

You might also want to let your audience know where you're based by including your address too.

It's a good idea to mention why someone would want to contact you through this page.

For example, 'Looking to speak with one of our expert recruiters? Drop us a line!'. This can give your visitors a push to reach out if they know it's encouraged.

If you would like to find out more about adding a form to your contact page, get in touch with our support team for information.

Bonus page: Plugin pages

If your website is hosted on one of our dynamic web templates, you will have access to a whole range of plugins that will take your website visitor experience to the next level.

Click the ‘Optional Extras’ tab on Coral, Blowfish, Shark or Clownfish to see what options you have.

Whether you would like a meet the team page or want to show off your latest blogs, our plugins will help you make your website stand out from the crowd.

Next stop, adding content to your pages! Use this guide on creating and editing content pages on your website to find out more.

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