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Status & Availability

9th July 2021 - Site Accessibility

11:02 - Resolved - All databases have now been updated and users should experience no further issues.

10:33 - Monitoring - We have now moved all clients to one web box and all accessibility issues should now be resolved. You may still experience minor performance issues and we will continue to monitor.

10:24 - Update - Our team have identified an issue on one of our web boxes which is causing some users to be unable to access Firefish. As part of the resolution, we will be placing all sites on one web box for a brief period. This may result in some minor performance issues for some users.

9:53 - Investigation - We are currently aware of an issue that may cause a small number of users to be unable to access their Firefish database. Our team are currently investigating the cause of this and we will update and resolve it ASAP.

9th July 2021 - Contract Workflow

12:29 Resolved - This resolution has now been deployed to all clients.

11:38 - Update - Testing of this resolution has been completed and we will be working to deploy ASAP.

10:29 - Update - We have identified a resolution for this issue and this is currently out to test. Once passed, we will release it for all users.

09:43 - Investigation - We are aware of an issue making placements within the contract workflow. Our development team are currently investigating the cause of this and will aim to resolve it ASAP.

25th May 2021 - Support Access

11:23 - A Fix has now been implemented for this issue and we can confirm we now have access to the support desk again.

10:50 - We are currently unable to access support tickets due to an issue with the Third Party platform we utilize for our support. The third party are investigation this - see their status page here. We can still be contacted on support@firefishsoftware.com

21st May 2021 - System Speed

11:31 AM - We can confirm that issues some users may have experienced this morning with system speed have now been fully resolved.

You should not experience any further issues as a result of this, we will continue to investigate this internally to avoid a recurrence of this issue.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.

10:40 AM - We are aware that after some issues last night with Microsoft Azure that some sites may have been running slower than usual intermittently this morning. We are now performing a restart to flush the system. You may experience a period of slowness while we do this which should last no longer than 15 minutes.

10:00 AM - We are aware of an issue that may affect system speed. Our team are urgently working on a resolution and expect to deploy this soon.

20th May 2021 - Site Down

Resolved - 9:08 PM - Microsoft has confirmed all systems are operational.

Monitoring - 7:25 PM - Microsoft are now reporting that most users should now see recovery and they are working to fully resolve.

Update - 6:10 PM - Microsoft Azure is reporting intermittent problems across Europe for key services which are utilized. Unfortunately we are unable to mitigate for these issues. We are reviewing updates from Microsoft as they become available and will update this page throughout.

Update - 5:31 PM - We have investigated this and believe this issue has been caused by an Issue with Microsoft Azure. They are currently experiencing issues with their service which may have an impact on Firefish sites. You can find the Azure status page here. We will update on this as soon as we have further information.

Investigation - 5:15 PM - We have received multiple reports of sites being down and we are currently investigating this.

30th April 2021 - Candidate Record Issue

12:30 PM -We can confirm all issues experienced by users this morning have now been resolved.

We have deployed a resolution and this was completed at 12:25.

We will be working to review the root cause of this issue to ensure we have no further occurrences of this. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

11:35 - We have successfully tested a resolution to this issue and work has begun to deploy to all users. We expect this to be completed within 1 hour and will confirm when this has been fully resolved. You may experience a slight slow down whilst this is deployed.

9:00AM - We are currently investigating an urgent priority issue affecting candidate records. At present, action history and contact numbers cannot be viewed, and documents are currently unable to be previewed. Our technical team are working on this at the moment.

Please note that a quick workaround which should resolve this issue is to hit CTRL + F5 to refresh the page.

23rd April 2021 - Site Down

Root Cause Analysis: Whilst carrying out a standard procedure, we identified an issue with the SSL certificates against all URL's containing firefishsoftware.com. Once identified, our technical team deployed a fix and all sites were fully restored within 2 hours.

1:06PM - We can confirm this issue has been fully resolved and all systems have been restored and are operating as expected.

11:43AM - All sites are now online. Whilst we work to resolve the overall issue, you may notice some instances of slow speed. We will confirm when this has been fully resolved.

11:35AM - We are working to resolve this for all individual sites affecting. Our technical teams are currently working through all sites to make them live. We will confirm when completed and investigate the root cause of this issue.

11:25AM - We are aware of an issue with some sites being unavailable this morning. Our team are currently investigating this issue and we will update as soon as we have further information. NB this issue is not affecting all clients

27th February - SMS Errors (Resolved)

1.25pm - Twilio (the 3rd Part Integration that supports our Call and SMS features) began experiencing failures with a wide range of their connections.

They began to implement resolutions from 3.15pm and as of 3.30pm most of their services were restored. Voice calling was not affected by these issues. You can find full details of the incident here:


4th September - System Speed Resolution

Further to the speed/access issues, some users experienced yesterday, we have had confirmation that the issue resulted to a localised internet connectivity issue at one of Azure's West Europe Data Centres.

All servers are now operating as expected with both web boxes back to being fully operational. Azures root-cause and mitigation statement can be found here: https://status.azure.com/en-us/status/history/

3rd September - System Speed

3pm - Microsoft Azure has advised they are investigating an intermittent latency or connectivity issue with resources hosted in West Europe, which is likely the root cause of the issues experienced today.


11.08 am - All sites affected by the web box becoming unresponsive are now fully operational as we have moved all sites to the working web box. We will continue investigating the incident to get to the root cause.

10.55 am - Initial investigation appears to show that one of the web boxes has become unresponsive, which is causing some client sites not to load or to cause slower speeds for some users. We have restarted the box within the Azure Portal though it may take some time to restart. We will continue to investigate why this happened once the box has restarted.

10.50 am - We are currently investigating an issue where some sites are offline. We will keep you updated as the investigation progresses.

31st July - Incident Report

During the out of hours weekly release on Thursday 30th July we experienced an outage across a number of client sites.

At approximately 8pm, an unnoticed manual error in the deployment occurred which resulted in the automated weekly release only partially deploying code, resulting in a server error. This error can happen momentarily during the release process, so was not initially picked up as being an issue.

However, around 9pm, we identified that the sites were not recovering as expected and the team commenced an investigation into this. By 9.50pm, we had identified the manual error as the root cause of the problem and tested a fix. This was immediately deployed and all sites were confirmed up and running by 10.15pm.

This morning, we have received our internal documented process and updated to ensure this manual error will not occur again. The team involved in the deployment have also been updated this morning to ensure their full understanding.

17th December 2020

We’re in the process of implementing a new tool that will host all of your help articles as well as make it easier to interact with our team. This is going to be released alongside this evening’s hotfix. Articles will be unavailable from 5pm until around 10pm this evening when the hotfix is released.

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