When you create a job, the Pay section in the Summary of the job will display a Projected Salary and Mark-up % / Mark-up Amount. You then have the option to add your Projected Sales Amount and the date you expect to fill the position.

For jobs with only 1 open position this value should be your Mark-up amount + any Additional Sales. For jobs with multiple positions, you can increase your projected sales value to reflect this e.g. for a job with 3 positions that all have an expected Mark-up of £3,000, your projected sales value will be £9,000:

Your projected sales amount/date will display in the header of your job record. You can also set the probability of achieving your projected sales by using the thumbs rating within the job header:

  • 1 Thumb = Not Yet

  • 2 Thumbs = Hopeful

  • 3 Thumbs = Looking Good

  • 4 Thumbs = Sure Thing

Don't forget to click Save at the bottom of the Job Summary page.

Viewing your sales projections

If you need to see a list of all your projections at once, it is really easy! Any jobs which you have added a probability rating of two thumbs or more will be added to your Projected Sales even if there is no projected sales amount added. This way your job will always show up in your Projected Sales Quick Link.

In the Project Sales Quick Link, the default view will be set to View Mine, but you can also click All Users to view every Users' projections too.

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