As recruitment leaders and consultants, its important to understand our current workload, capacity, successes and areas for improvement.

Firefish's reporting suite allows you to pull key metrics that can be used in your team meetings to review your pipeline and performance.

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KPI Reporting

Within our Standard Reports, we have a KPI module that will allow you to track KPI's for your team. Recruitment Managers and Superusers can decide which KPIs are relevant to your team and set the team targets within our User Management settings, and our KPI report will allow you to easily see how your weekly actions stack up against the KPI's.

All Users can also track how they are doing through the week on their dashboard, but the report is great for your weekly meeting to review at the close of play for the week and plan for the week ahead!

Standard Reports

Firefish is built with recruiters in mind, so our Standard Reports are a great place to start pulling data on your own or your team's performance.

The standard reports allow you to review data across all modules of Firefish, and here are the ones we would recommend pulling for your weekly meetings:

Candidate Module:

  • New Registration Summary - check out how many candidates have registered with you over the last week, and if these registrations have been completed.

  • User Action Count/Summary - these reports will give details on actions taken by users, and include all candidate actions in addition to the ones on the KPI Reports.

Jobs Module:

  • Live Jobs Progress - take a look at the state of play of all your jobs. Check out what stage they are at and how long they have been open

  • Candidates in Pipeline - Bring back details of all candidates in your live jobs. This is a great compliment to your live jobs progress and can be used for further discussion from the live jobs progress report

  • Sales Figures - one of the most important for our agency users! Check out the sales made in the current week and review if you are hitting monetary targets

Adverts Module:

  • Advert Performance - this allows you to review how many hits and applications your adverts are getting, as well as the success rate of your mailshots and job alerts

Report Builder

Looking for some bespoke data? Look no further than our Report Builder which allows you to create custom reports of data from across the system.

Report Builder allows you to set the criteria for filtering your reports then select the data you want to see allowing you to build your perfect reports!

But what reports should you be building?

  • Candidates Created this week - pull in data on your new candidates and ensure through the selected fields all are being added with preferences so they appear in searches and potential matches, and check out how many are opting in to marketing and job alerts

  • Contacts Last Action Date - Build a report on contacts with the last action within the last week for the criteria. This can allow you to see how many contacts your recruiters are actively engaging with

  • Placement/Extension/Terminations - review the placement activity over the last week. Where are the placements coming from and how much are they worth?

  • Advert Response Details - review how many applications to your adverts you've received over the past week, and the outcome of the applications

Reports Dashboard

The Firefish Reports Dashboard allows you to easily see at a glance vital reporting metrics from across your candidate, contact and job activity.

Build cards in various visual forms by creating graphs, and understand the data behind the graphs using the information pulled into the cards. You can also easily compare the stats to the previous week by hovering over the elements on the graphs.

The Reports Dashboard is set up with ready to use cards, but if you are feeling adventurous and want to add more, here's the ones we would recommend creating for your weekly meetings:

  • Candidate meetings - check out how many registration and speculative interviews were completed over the week

  • Email's logged - ensure the team are utilising the Email Logging feature and adding audit trails of comms with candidates and contacts to Firefish

  • Tasks - review how many candidates have been made Hot or CV's sent on spec

  • Canvass calls - check out how many canvass calls have been made by each user and compare to the previous week

  • Candidate Stage - set up a card for each stage of the job workflow to review how many candidates are moving through your job workflows!

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