This article will detail the process of how to request a plugin for your website.

Request Plugin

You will see all plugin pages within your website menu dropdown. Any plugins that are available for request will appear in the menu list with a padlock icon next to it.

Clicking on a plugin page with a padlock icon, will display an overview of the plugin page and give you the option to request this plugin via a button. This button will automatically send an email with your request and a success message will be displayed.

Somebody from our support team will then reach out to you and get the ball rolling with your new plugin:

Available Plugins

The plugins we have available are detailed below:

Blog Plugin

Drive candidate engagement, generate brand exposure and create advocates through your Firefish Blog.

Build blog articles, promote key articles through featured cards and align your content with your relevant jobs or recruitment campaigns.

For more info on this plugin click here

Team Plugin

Establish relationships at an early stage through your Team’s page.

Create featured team member cards, build individual bios, and embed videos for each team member - creating a sense of familiarity for your candidates to trust from the outset.

For more info on this plugin click here

Campaign Plugin

Create bespoke recruitment campaigns grouping jobs, by company brands, job disciplines, location areas or specific areas of specialisation.

For more info on this plugin click here

Testimonial Plugin

Using Firefish Testimonials, you’ll have the ability to build both hiring managers and candidate testimonials.

Perfect for showcasing your company's candidate and hiring managers' experience. Testimonials include quotes, images, and video links.

For more info on this plugin click here

News Plugin

Share your news stories with the world and push traffic back to your website to get more eyes on your jobs.

Using Firefish News, you can build out news articles, highlight key stories to be featured and include a range of media.

For more info on this plugin click here

Events Plugin

Running an event or driving awareness of your attendance at an industry career event?

Create your event in Firefish and promote it through your website, social and more.

Add your custom branding, categorise the event and gain maximum exposure.

For more info on this plugin click here

Note - Plugins can be enabled and disabled via a request.

Any content pages or additional plugins associated with a plugin that has been disabled will result in the content page being unpublished.

Upgrade to Enterprise or Professional

Plugins are available for enterprise and professional clients, to request a plugin you will need to upgrade your platform to one of these.

You can do this by contacting Support.


Phone: +44 141 648 8520

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