In January, we made changes to Firefish's document management, company configuration and more!


Open Links in New Tab

This is one to keep your eyes peeled for!

We're working towards Firefish being used in multiple browser tabs at once. We’ve started to add ‘new tab’ links throughout the system but we're not quite ready to share more details with you yet.

The new link icon will appear to the right of the hyperlink text. The branding for this icon will be driven by: System Configuration > Branding > Button Colour. Note that users can still click the text part of the link to open in an existing tab, or click the highlighted icon to open in a new tab:

We will be continuing to update existing links throughout the system over the coming weeks and will be in contact when this is fully ready to launch!

DNS Settings

Super Users can now test DNS Settings are correct by going to Website > Web Settings > DNS Settings.

Drop Down Management

We have a great change to the Drop Downs settings page; Super users (and Sysadmin) will now have the ability to merge a child value into another child value that is under the same parent. This can be used to tidy up your drop downs without having to request a drop down remap. We’ve also introduced the ability to fully delete a parent or child value after the value has been set to ‘Removed’ (note that all child values need to be deleted before a parent can be fully deleted).

The drop downs have been updated and will present the Super user or Sysadmin with the option to Merge a child value by pressing this button below:

Other System/ Configuration Updates…

  • In the Jobs > Sales Figures report we have added a new column in the report to display the Start Date of the job and the Additional Sales Type has been renamed to Additional Sales.

  • Within the Employer Portal we have updated the job tabs to display the totals for each stage of the jobs workflow as the number of active candidates against the total number of candidates, matching the recruiter portal display


Terms Document – Setting

This is a small improvement from the User Voice community 👏

We have added the ability to configure whether the Terms document on a job is automatically attached to ‘CV Send’ emails.

In the Job Configuration menu, there is now a check box for Terms which will be enabled by default for all Users. If you disable this check box, then the Terms documents attached to jobs will not automatically attach when they Send CVs to clients. This doesn’t apply to Corporate sites, in those cases the Terms setting will not show.

For more information see the Fish Tank.

Document Preview

We’ve listened to all your feedback and for the first release of 2022 we’re delighted to be brining you something that we know you’re going to love!

You can now preview images in the document side panel 👏

The file types supported for this are - *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png.

The uploaded image will display in the size it was uploaded in and when viewing the image in the side panel you will have the ability to rename the image or download it.

Here is an example of how it will look:

Key Information Document

We have now added the option to upload the Key Information Document into the Document Library.

When you sending the Key Information email, the document will be attached to the email and you will be able to view the document before sending. You also have the option to download or print the document:


Additional Plugin – Filtering

We are releasing an update to the additional plugin feature which is currently available for the following templates.

  • Mahi Mahi

  • Barracuda

The update consists of a adding a filter by tag field for the following additional plugins.

  • Campaign

  • Testimonial

  • Team

  • Blog

This new functionality will enable you to manage and refine your featured plugins to only show specific tagged records, rather than all records or a random selection.

Company Configuration

Company Configuration – Settings

We have now been able to bring the company settings to a new Company Configurations settings page. These give you the ability to configure which fields are enabled on a Company record as well as whether enabled fields are mandatory or not.

  • Any disabled fields will be hidden from the company record as well as company searches and reports.

  • The mandatory setting also affects the creation of a company record for the following fields: Industry, Size, Status, Town, Postcode and Website.

  • For the Status field, you can also choose what your default status value is for newly created companies

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