In February, we released changes across the system including top-voted community idea - merge candidates, reporting updates. password workflow changes and portal improvements!

Merge Candidates

Merge Candidate Records

Our TOP voted idea on the community has now been developed in the form of the ability to merge duplicate candidate records.

Here’s a quick video showing you how it works…

More details can be found on the Fish Tank.


Multiple Dashboards Feature

The Multiple Dashboards feature means that Users can now create multiple dashboards for use across their company.

Basic Users

The biggest change coming with this feature is that Basic users now have access to Analyse>Reports Dashboard; and will have access to one dashboard per user. By default, this will be called ‘My Dashboard’ and will load in with the normal pre-set dashboards.

Basic users will only see their own dashboard and won’t be able to share it with other users.

Professional Users

Every Professional user has their own dashboard, and like Basic users, they can’t share it. Professional sites can also have 10 shared dashboards across their company. These can be shared with:

  • Everyone - Every user in the company (like Dashboard 4 in the example below)

  • A specific team – Only users within that team (like Dashboard 3 in the example below

Professional dashboards can also be set to ‘Private’, which means only their owner will be able to view them and that they won’t count towards the 10 shared dashboards. Dashboard owners can also delete them to make space if needed.

Once the company reaches their limit of 10 dashboards, users will not be able to add any more.

Enterprise Sites

On Enterprise there is no limit to the number of Dashboards which can be created and shared.

Visit the Fish Tank for all information on this update.

Standard Reports

We have added a new Standard Report in the Jobs Module titled Candidate Long List. This report provides a brief summary of each candidate at the selected stage of an individual job.

As such the report shows details of the candidate such as Recruiter Summary and LinkedIn URL it will only be available to download in Word Format.

More information on this report can be found here.


Website - Forgotten Password page

We've made a change to the Forgotten Password workflow to resolve an issue where candidates with no login use the page but then go on to submit a contact form to query why they never received an email.

A much cleaner confirmation message when the candidate submits their email address.

New workflow (Pro & Enterprise sites only)

If the email address submitted is matched to an existing candidate, AND it doesn't belong to an existing login, then a new candidate portal login will be automatically created. The candidate will be sent an email with a set password link* which they can use to set their password and login to the candidate portal.

If the email address submitted matches an existing login, then the Forgotten Password workflow remains unchanged.

* Email Template = System / Welcome & Set Password Link

Forgotten Password – Recruiter Portal

We've made some tweaks to the Portal tab on a candidate's record to make it more intuitive for the recruiter.

Now, when the candidate doesn't have an existing portal login then the button is Create Login, and the detail fields are not displayed. Once a login has been created the details are displayed and the button is Send Password.

(Previously the button was always Send Password, and the fields were displayed even when not relevant).

Fish Tank Pages:

Fishtank - Manage candidate records

Fishtank - Using the candidate portal

Remote Working

Add Remote Working Option on Adverts

As suggested by several Users on the community, we have now added an option for Remote Working when creating or updating an Advert. This will now add the Working from Home option to the Google for Jobs schema; which means adverts that have this selected will display Working from Home when appearing on Google for Jobs.

The option to add this to the schema can be found in Settings> Integrations> Google Analytics and is labelled jobLocationType and will be enabled by default for all Clients:

The option appears as a checkbox on any Advert Edit Details tab:

Candidate Portal

Candidate Portal – My References page

A new references page can now be used on the Candidate Portal. This will allow candidates to fill in their own reference information and notify that their references have given their consent to be contacted.

The fields here won’t auto-populate with data from the system and ‘My References’ will be disabled by default for all clients but can be enabled by a Super User.

Settings Page – Candidate Portal

A new settings page can now be used by Professional and Enterprise Super Users to edit which pages a candidate can see in the Candidate Portal. It can be found by going to Settings>Candidate Portal. Here, they can enable or disable:

  • My Profile

  • My Details

  • My References

  • My Preferences

  • My Jobs

  • My Alerts

Note: My Diversity isn’t included in this settings page as it is controlled from the Diversity setting within the Registration plugin.

As stated above, ‘My References’ will be disabled by default for all clients but can be enabled by a Super User.


Previously, if a user wanted to send a reference request, they would have to create that reference as a contact in the system first. So we’re adding the option to create references without making them contacts to streamline the process.

We are also giving candidates the ability to update their reference details and give permission for them to be contacted. This new ‘My References’ page will be disabled by default for all users but can be enabled by a Super User.

Candidate Record – References

The References page in a Candidate record has now been updated with the following:

  • Improved UI

  • Reference data can now be entered into fields, rather than in one text box.

    • If the referee is an existing contact on our system, the fields will auto-populate with their data

    • Users can enter a contact’s name without selecting them for auto-populate if they wish

    • Users can enter a reference without relating them to a contact on our system at all

  • Individual ‘Reference Request’ buttons for each of the three available references

  • Tick box to show that a reference has given their consent to being contacted. The ‘Reference Request’ button is disabled until this tick box has been ticked


Team and Testimonial Plugin Updates

We have made some updates to the list view page for the team and testimonial plugin pages.

A new featured card column has been added. This displays an icon to indicate if the featured card for this record is enabled or disabled.

  • Enabled – Green icon

  • Disabled – Red icon

We have updated the name of the published date column to be ‘Landing Page’. This will display the published date for the record, as well as an icon to indicate if the landing page is currently published, pending to be published or not published.

  • Published (Current date or a date in the past) – Green

  • Pending (A future date) – Orange

  • Not Published (No date) – Red

We have also made some updated to the Edit / Create a record side panel for the team and testimonial plugins.

The tabs have been reorders to be more accessible.

  1. Featured Card

  2. Landing Page

  3. SEO

  4. Settings

Blog Plugin Updates

We have made some updates to the blog plugin.

The ‘SEO’ tab has been updated to now be called ‘SEO & Social’, this can be viewed when creating or editing a blog post.

Blog Social Image Best Practice – In order to get the best results for your blog social image when using the below ‘Social Image’ slot, we would advise only using file names that are all text characters with no spaces, numbers, or special characters. E.g. - BlogImageOne.Png.

There are a few websites that can be used to ensure blog social posts are appearing as expected detailed below -

Fish Tank Page - Fishtank - Blog Plugin

Additional Plugin Updates

These changes will currently only affect the Mahi Mahi and Barracuda templates.

We have made some updates to the list view page for the additional plugins.

A new section name column has been added. This field will default to ‘Section 1/2/3...’ depending on how many additional plugins are active.

This section name can be updated by opening up the additional plugin record and clicking on the pencil icon the side panel header. This field is mandatory and cannot be left blank.

We have also updated the list view page to include a ‘plugin type’ column. This will display the type of plugin that is being used for this record.

The final update for the list additional plugin list view page is the ‘Filter’ column that has been added. This will display any filters that are being used against these records.

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