In April, we have made updates to the SMS feature, updated custom fields and added remote working settings to CV Library integration!


SMS Validation

Twilio, like most SMS API providers, charge on a per delivery attempt basis. This means that you are still charged for any SMS that is undeliverable.

To limit this cost to you we have now added the ability to set a limit on how many Undeliverable messages can be sent to a number before that number is Blocked.

Users can set the number of delivery attempts(the default will be set to 5) via a new setting in Settings>Integrations>SMS Settings

When an SMS to a candidate or contact is Undeliverable, a user will see a new status displayed on the Subscriptions tab of the candidate or contact record:

They will also see a new icon and hover over tool tip when sending an SMS to that number via the Call & SMS action modal in the candidate/contact header:

You will still be able to send an SMS to the number until the delivery attempts limit has been reached.

When the limit is reached the status on the subscriptions tab will update to show the number has been Blocked.

Additional SMS Packages Added

Within the account and billing Call & SMS page we have now added 3 additional options for clients:

  • 2,500 SMS messages will cost £83 per month.

  • 5,000 SMS messages will cost £155 per month.

  • 10,000 SMS messages will cost £300 per month.

To make this selection you would go into Settings > Account & Billing > Call & SMS which will allow the user to change number SMS message per month. When this is changed an email will be sent to accounts with the new package details and cost.

Fish Tank page -

Custom Fields

Custom Job Fields – Enterprise Only

Currently Custom Job Fields are controlled via the Primary site, but to give users more flexibility we have now made them configurable per site. This means that users can choose to have different Custom Job Fields enabled on different sites to better suit their needs:

Example Primary site

Example Secondary site

As part of this improvement, we have also broken the link between Custom Job Fields on the Job Summary vs the Offer/Placement Summary. Now users can choose if they would like to have a field enabled on the Offer/Placement Summary without needing it to be enabled on the Job Summary also.

Finally, Properties will be restricted to only Custom Job Fields on secondary sites until we have implemented similar changes for all the Properties:

Information on these improvements can be found here:

Remote Working (CV-LIbrary)

CV Library Job Board Posting – Remote Working

We have updated the integration with CV Library to now allow users to show when an advertised vacancy is a Remote Job.

Users can simply check the Remote Working option on the Advert Summary prior to posting to the Job Board:

Once posted, the advert will display Remote Job on CV Library:

Full information about the CV Library integration can be found here:

Email attachments

View Attachments Sent on Emails

We’re adding the ability to see the filenames and extensions of documents attached to emails when you look at those emails in the Recent Activity feed on a record.

This includes files that are attached to the email manually or files from the document library.

Users will be able to view the attachments on single and bulk emails sent from the CRM across the system, and the emails which are sent as a candidate or contact are created or updated via the Outlook and Gmail Add-Ins.

And lastly, as part of this work, we have now included Web and Advert Registration emails in the Recent Activity feed, too.

If there are any login or password details in these emails, those details will be redacted.

Finally, as a bonus improvement as part of this work we have added the Web and Advert Registration emails into the Recent Activity; with any login or password details contained in those emails will be redacted.

Talent Pools

Talent Pool improvements – Team Filter

Another community idea that we have implemented now allows Users to share their Talent Pools with a specific Team when creating or editing them.

Users can also choose to make them Private (limiting access to just themselves) or make them available for everyone.

Users can now also filter by Team when viewing the Shared Talent Pools tab:

Lastly we are also releasing some improvements in the way the Talent Pool lists are loading which will be of specific benefit to Clients with larger databases and/or substantial amounts of shared Talent Pools, preventing timeouts and unexpected errors.

Full information can be found here:

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