In May, we have made updates to the Gmail Email Settings, Call & SMS Functions, Cookie Panels, Blog Plugins are more!

Gmail Email Settings

In preparation for upcoming changes to Gmail basic authentication (30th May), we have implemented Gmail OAuth single sign in for those clients that are utilizing Gmail as their email provider.

Gmail OAuth works by redirecting the user to Google to complete the sign in process and verify the use of their emails within Firefish.

When setting up their System Email Settings with Gmail, users will be presented with an option to Sign in with Google:

This will redirect them to the external Google sign in and verification process where they can select the account they want to use and confirm:

Make sure you give Firefish access to the following permissions to ensure you can use Email and Calendar functionality within Firefish:

Once completed, they will then be redirected back to Firefish to complete the Test and Save process.

After the System email settings have been saved, individual users will be able to follow the same process for their personal email settings within My Integrations.

Similar to Microsoft365 OAuth, users will now have a single sign-in for both Personal Email Settings and their Gmail Calendar sync.

Full details can be found on the following pages:

Email Settings Enterprise – OAuth

Following the recent non-OAuth improvements which allowed Enterprise users to have different personal email settings across Primary and Secondary sites: we have now extended these improvements for Microsoft365 OAuth and Gmail OAuth personal email settings; completing all Email Provider options.


International SMS Top Up

We have updated the SMS options within the Account & Billing > Call & SMS page so that users can differentiate between local and international SMS packages.

We have updated the Your Details and Top Up sections with the available options now split into 2 sections: Local and International.

The SMS prices have been updated and we have adjusted the automatic pricing calculations for the top ups. (Based on 5p per SMS for local and 7p per SMS for international)

Cookie Panel Improvements

We have improved the way that the Cookie Panel is presented on websites to ensure that no 3rd-party scripts that require cookies are registered and/or run until after a user has given consent.

This means that a user when first visiting the site will only have the following options:

Accept All – All cookies will be registered including essential as well as scripts added within Website>Web Settings>Tracking Codes and Google Analytics scripts.

Accept Essential Only – Only essential cookies which are required for the Firefish System to work will be registered

View Cookie Policy – A link to the Web Privacy & Cookie Policy web page

Leave the site – A user will not be able to navigate around the site or click on any

links/buttons until they have agreed to one of the 2 options above

As part of these changes, we have improved the look and feel of the cookie panel:

We have moved the branding controls for the cookie panel into Website>Web Settings>Branding – these will now pull from the Primary Body, Primary Button and Secondary Button controls.

Consequently, the Cookie Panel settings page has now been simplified from this:

To this:

Importantly, any time a user adds or amends any of their Tracking Codes/Google Analytics Scripts, the Cookie Panel will appear for anyone visiting the website ensuring they are consenting to the changes.

Blog Plugin

Blog Plugin Restructure

The blog plugin is now being released as part of our ongoing work to improve the plugin functionality within the CMS.

We have updated the UI, to encourage a more user-friendly feel throughout.
We have also taken steps to standardise the UI and usability for the blog plugin.

List View

What’s New

The list view has been updated to give the user more information for each record from a high level. This includes the following columns:

  • Created by user

  • Title

  • Featured card status

  • Published date / time & page status

  • Tags

  • Author

  • Comments

What’s Changed

  • The open page in new tab icon has been moved to be next to the title

  • The column label has been updated from landing page to published.

Create New / Edit Panel

What’s New

The create a new records/edit view has been updated to have a more user-friendly feel. This includes the following tabs.

  • Featured card

  • Landing page

  • SEO

  • Settings


Separate Compliance Details for Permanent and Contract Jobs

We’re adding the ability to have separate Compliance Details options for Permanent jobs and Contract jobs. ‘Job Offer’ has now been separated out into Permanent and Contract options, as seen in the screenshot above.

Existing Compliance Details which have ‘Job Offer’ settings will have those settings mapped to both the Permanent and Contract options.

Compliance Details are found in Settings > People Configuration > Compliance Details.

Fish Tank Articles:


We have now added the integration for GAAPweb Job Board (part of the Madgex group).

User can set up their GAAPweb integration by navigating to Settings>Integrations>Job Boards and clicking Add, then selecting GAAPweb from the available options.

Once set up, a user can select GAAPweb from the available job board options on the Reach tab of an advert:

You will then be prompted to fill out all of the fields required for posting:

Once posted, GAAPweb offers applications into Firefish via Direct Apply URL. This means candidates applying on the job board will be redirected to the Firefish Client Web Advert to complete their application.

Successful posts to GAAPweb will create an action in the Recent Activity tab of the advert.

Fish Tank Articles:

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