In June, we have released new Job Board credit limiting, changes to archiving candidates, editing actions and more!

Job Boards

Job Board Credits and Settings Update

In this feature, we are giving Superusers the ability to set limits on job board postings.

We’ve also reworked all of the Job Board settings to make them much more user-friendly! This was also highly requested by the user community.

You will still add job boards within Settings>Integrations>Job Boards by clicking the Add button; this has been moved to the top of the page:

The Settings modal has been replaced with a side panel, bringing it into line with many other areas of the system:

After selecting the job board the required configuration fields for that specific job board will appear:

The Credits tab will allow Super Users to manage their job board credits and customise allocation of credits per user:

  • Status - This column will display the last updated date

  • Total Credits – Is set to Unlimited by default or a user can add a value

  • Allowance Period - The allowance period can be set to Monthly or Weekly

  • Usage – Tracks the credits used

  • Users – Super Users can set and view the allowances per user

Resetting the credit allowances or period will reset the usage counter and a user will see an information message when saving:

Within the Adverts > Reach tab we have also updated the tiles so that users do not have credits available/are not enabled on a particular job board will see the corresponding tile disabled:

Remote Working - Reed

We have updated the integration with Reed to allow users to show when an advertised vacancy is a Remote Job.

A User can simply check the Remote Working option on the Advert Summary prior to posting to the Job Board:

Once the advert has been posted it will show as Remote Working on Reed:

Fish Tank

Archiving Candidates

Archived Candidates – Keep Login Active

When a candidate is archived, we will no longer deactivate that candidate’s portal login.

Since we have the ‘Deleted’ status to mark records for deletion, these changes give us a chance to repurpose the ‘Archived’ status to let archived candidates have access to their data without showing in potential matches or live searches. From a GDPR perspective, this gives candidates greater control over the information our clients retain about them.

This improvement means archived candidates can still login to the Candidate Portal and make updates to their records without requiring a password reset.

In the Candidate Portal itself, the archived candidate will still be able to access all of the pages and can still apply to adverts, however they will automatically receive the ‘Action – Not Progressing’ email template after a time delay which can be configured in the settings.

If an archived candidate does apply to an advert, they will still show up on the advert’s ‘Applications’ tab, flagging to the Recruiter that they have re-engaged and could potentially be un-archived.

Fish Tank

Edit Actions

Edit Actions

In this feature we are giving you the ability to edit Note actions, Call actions and Meeting actions on Candidate and Contact records.

This will give you more control and make it a bit easier to use the system. Previously, you could only delete a note, so if you made a mistake, you would have to delete it and start again. Now, you’ll be able to edit and save changes easily.

The ability to edit Notes and Meetings were two popular suggestions on User Voice.

The activity stream itself has been updated as part of this work:

  • The expand/collapse button has been replaced with this chevron which indicates if an item in the activity stream has been expanded or collapsed

  • The activity stream items can be expanded/collapsed by clicking anywhere on them

  • Editing items doesn’t move them in the activity stream, they will stay in the order they were first created in.

  • There is now an Edit icon in the form of this blue pencil, this appears when we hover over the items which we can edit.

  • We have also added this shadow box which appears when we hover the cursor over the text field of the item.

  • Clicking the pencil, or the shadow box will open the Edit modal

Email Settings Updates

Gmail and Microsoft365 OAuth setting enabled

We have now enabled the settings for Gmail Oauth and Microsoft365 Oauth for all clients by default. This will have no impact on any Client that currently has the settings enabled

The single sign-on will now be the system standard for users of this email type.

Additional Rates

We have made updates to the system allowing you to add an additional rate to a placement. For example, a contract may be paid by the hour, but also require an expense allowance, these changes will give clients more flexibility in cases like that.

These improvements will be made to the Job Summary, Offer and Placement stages:

The ‘Unit Type’ for each Additional Rate can be set to ‘Per Hour’ or ‘Per Day’ individually, regardless of what the base Pay Rate for the Job is set to:

The ‘Rate Type’ of an Additional Rate can be changed at any time, even after a placement has been made. You won’t have to add a new rate and delete the old one to change from ‘Sunday’ to ‘Overtime’, for example.

We have broken the connection between the Summary, Offer and Placement stages. This means that if a Candidate is at Offer or Placement, changes can be made to their Additional Rates without affecting the Summary page and vice versa.

The Offers/Placements API and Exports will be updated with a new column to say whether an additional rate is daily or hourly. We have emailed the list of Clients who use the Export Offers and Export Placements reports to let them know that these columns will be added when the feature goes live for everyone.

Fish Tank Pages

Login/Password Screen Changes

We’ve now made a change to the Login and Forgotten Password forms (for all clients) by removing the ‘Contact Us’ form which appears if incorrect details are entered. This has been removed in an effort to encourage candidates to go to the Forgotten Password form in the case where they do not have (or know) their login details.

By going to the Forgotten Password form a candidate can enter their email address and if a matching record is found, a candidate portal login will be created automatically and sent to the candidate.

Login Screen



Forgotten Password



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