In July, we made changes across the system to the Compliance, Company Terms, Property settings and more!


Changes to Compliance Settings

Compliance settings have been updated to allow users to select multiple individual users for authorisation, rather than 1 primary user and a team. This has been changed to let all users of any license type be able to update the compliance of a candidate.

In Settings > Job Configuration >Permanent/Contract Workflow, users can now select multiple individual users for the Authorisation settings. The Primary and Secondary users can only be selected from Super Users and Compliance Users.

These changes to user selection have been made to the job, offer, extension and termination authorisation.

Recruiter Placements with Authorisation on Offer Enabled

Up until now, when compliance authorisation is enabled at the Offer Stage on a Job, only Super Users or Compliance users could go on to make the Placement after the candidate's compliance details were populated. It was raised in our User Community, that many clients instead want a Recruiter to be able to complete the Placement after a Super User or Compliance User has checked the candidate's compliance details.

To allow this to be possible, we’ve created a new setting within Settings > Job Configuration >Permanent/Contract Workflow, which will allow Recruiters to place a candidate once Compliance has been checked over by a Super User or a Compliance User. This setting will be disabled by default.

When this setting is enabled, it will change the ‘Save’ button in the Compliance side panel of the Job Workflow. It will now appear as ‘Notify Recruiter’.

Once the recruiter has been notified the button will revert to ‘Save’ and will not notify the recruiter again if any subsequent changes are made to the Compliance side panel

When this button is clicked it will create an action on the Job summary and it will also send an email to the Recruiter who owns the job.

Two new email templates have been created to be sent at this stage, one for each workflow. These are ‘Permanent Offer Approved and ‘Contract Offer Approved’.

The Job ID in the email body will be a hyperlink which will take Recruiters to the Offer stage of the Job. They will then be able to complete the Placement from there.

Compliance To Do List

We have updated the Compliance To Do lists on the Dashboard, too. The previous list, ‘Offer Authorisations’ has been replaced with two new lists; ‘Permanent Authorisation’ and ‘Contract Authorisation’.

These new To Do lists will show; Offers, Extensions and Terminations and they will have a new ‘Status’ column, which will show the current compliance status.

Company Terms

Company Terms Improvements

We are giving the ability for users to set Term Banding, we've moved the Terms Review Date and Owner fields from the Summary tab to the Terms tab in the Company record. In doing so, we've also moved the settings for these fields from Company Configuration to Properties, making it easier for users to find these fields and update them as all Terms fields are grouped together.

Summary Tab

On the Summary tab, the new Terms Summary section shows the Permanent/Contract Recruiter and Review Date fields. Each field name in Terms Summary is a hyperlink which will take the user to the Terms tab, similar to how the Candidate summary works. These fields won’t show when creating or editing the company:

Terms Tab

On the Terms tab, the Recruiter and Review Date fields have been added to the Permanent and Contract sections. Here, these can be edited, and auditing text has been added to show who made changes and when they did it:


The settings for the above company fields have been moved from Company Configuration to System Configuration > Properties > Company. To make them easier to navigate, the order of the Properties has been changed to match the order that they appear on the Company Terms tab, with the Recruiter and Review Date fields at the top. Here, these can be enabled/disabled on the Company Record and marked as Mandatory/Non-Mandatory.

For Enterprise users these settings are global:

Whilst tidying up the Properties menu, we have also made sure the Job Offer/Placement setting is only available in the Permanent Workflow and Contract Workflow settings:

Irish Job boards

Saongroup (NI Jobs, & Irish Job Locations Update

We have updated the Saongroup Job Boards to include the options for Job Location as well as Working from Home.

A user can simply type the job location in the posting modal Location field and can also check the Working from Home option if required:

Full information on the Saongroup Integration can be found here:

Reed - Hide Salary

We have given users the ability to choose whether the salary is hidden or displayed when posting an advert to Reed via the Reed Job Board Integration.

Users will be able to tick a check box on the default settings tab when setting up/editing their Reed Integration which will default the salary as hidden on all postings:

Users can also choose to check this box for each individual advert that is posted; hiding or displaying the salary on a per advert basis.

Full information on the Reed Integration can be found here:

Standard Reports
There has been a change to the logic of the Advert Performance report that can be found under the Adverts module.

Instead of searching on the ‘Created from’ and ‘Created to’ date, this now searches on the ‘Live from’ and ‘Live to’ date. This means that any adverts that are live during the period which the report is filtered on the advert will be returned in the search result.

The Candidate Fallout (Advert & Job) report has been moved from the Advert module to the Jobs module.

We have also updated the description of the following standard reports:

  • Module: Adverts/Report: Advert Created

  • Module: Adverts /Report: Advert Performance

  • Module: Jobs/Report: Candidate Fallout

  • Module: Jobs / Report: Candidate Fallout (Advert & Job)

More information on standard reports can be found here:

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