In August, we have made changes to the System Settings, added more multiple tab links and more:

Multiple Tabs Updates

Candidate Search Result Links – Open in New Tab

As part of our continuing work to make Firefish fully available for multi-tab use, we have now updated the candidate search results to include Open in New Tab links for First Name, Surname and Company :

System Settings Changes

We have re-organised the System Settings and Branding pages within System Configuration to make the available options clearer for users; whilst also updating the UI to Angular.

No settings functionality has been changed.

System Settings

We have removed the existing System Settings tab and split out the available settings across 2 new tabs; General and Security:



On the General tab, users will find the field for entering their Company Information (This has been moved from the existing Branding tab) and all of the Date & Calendar Settings

On the Security tab, users will find the Global User Restrictions as well as Enhanced Password Complexity and MFA settings under a new heading called Enhanced Security:


On the Branding tab, we have updated the UI and added info bubbles for each logo upload that details out recommended sizes for all the image options:

We have also added a new option for Small Logo. When uploaded, this image will appear in the top right-hand corner when the Recent Activity panel is collapsed:

When a logo is added here, the background to the logo will default to white. If no logo is added, users will continue to see the existing Home icon and the background will be controlled by the Secondary system colour chosen.

Finally, as well as updating the UI for the System Colour pickers, we have also added an info message that will display whenever users click the Preview button. This is to remind them that even though they can navigate throughout the system in preview, they will need to Save to make the changes permanent:

When in preview mode, users will see this message displayed each time they return to the Branding tab, until they have clicked Reset Colours or Save.

Full information on the General, Security and Branding tabs and all their settings can be found on the following Fish Tank pages:

Saongroup - Remote Working

Following earlier updates for the Saongroup Job Boards, we have now removed the Work from Home checkbox in the advert model; standardising it with other job boards that offer this option.

Working from Home can be enabled by clicking the Remote Working option within the Advert Edit Details as shown below:

Candidate Settings - Enterprise

We have updated the Candidate Settings so that they are now per-site settings for Enterprise users; this allows you to make site-specific changes on your secondary sites to the candidate settings in the system.

Now, when Perm or Contract workflow is disabled, it will only be disabled for that specific site.

Therefore the Candidate Settings tab within People Configuration is now available on secondary sites.

We have created a new General tab within People Configuration and moved the Automation settings here. These settings continue to be Global settings and the General tab is therefore only available on the Primary site:

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