Here are the changes we made within the system in October:

Firefish Company API

GAAPweb and Totally Legal Update

Font Management Preview Button

Candidate and Contact Drop Down Configuration

Jobs Per Site (Enterprise)

Expired Adverts

Employer Porta Last Login

Formatted CV Updates

Firefish Company API

We have now updated the Firefish API to output Company Data.

Users can now use the ‘Company API’ to integrate data from Firefish into other platforms, such as Power BI, Mailchimp or Timesheet Portal.

The Company API will give users the ability to search for companies using the Date, Name, Address, etc. You can also use the API to view individual company Details including Company Terms, Benefits, Contacts and Associates using the company ID.

All the data that is currently available on the ‘Export Companies’ standard report is now available in the Company API. If you would like access to the Company API, get in touch with support.

GAAPweb and Totally Legal Update

We have updated GAAPweb and Totally Legal job boards to include ‘Fintech’ as a drop-down option.

For GAAPweb the Fintech option can be found under the Categories drop down option as shown below:

For Totally Legal the Fintech option can be found under the Practice Area drop down option as shown below:

Font Management – Preview Button

Last week we released the font management settings page for our Tetra theme. We have now implemented the preview fonts button on this page, to allow users to see what their font styles will look like without having to save the page.

Candidate and Contact Drop Down Configuration

We have continued to update the drop downs to allow the ability to Merge Into, Move To and Hard Delete on their Parent and Child Values.

The areas that have been updated are the Candidate Profile, Candidate Availability, Candidate Details, Candidate Diversity, and the Contact Status.

Here is an example of the Merge Into and Hard Delete drop downs:

Jobs Per Site (Enterprise)

Following on from the Jobs per Site changes released last week we have made some additional improvements.

For Enterprise clients only, the Website logo has been added to the header of the Job Summary:

This will match the Job Search and display the logo of the site that the Job was created on/assigned to.

We have also given Enterprise Users the ability to change which site their job is assigned to. This means that a user can create a job on one of their sites and assign it to another site; or change the site of an existing job.

When creating a New Job, users will see a new mandatory drop down for Website on the Job Summary:

This will default to the site the user is currently on, but the User can select a different site if they wish. Once the Job has been created, this drop down will appear greyed out and cannot be changed:

Expired Adverts

Currently when an advert expires or is closed, we display a 404 page and ask Google to delete the advert from GFJ. This method was originally recommended by Google as best practice.

We have now updated this following an idea with 32 votes on the community; instead of showing a 404 on expired adverts, we direct potential candidates to search for similar jobs instead. After revisiting the Google best practice, we have implemented one of their other recommended options to replace the 404 page.

Firstly, we have removed the 404 page when an advert is closed/expired and the 404 tab has also been removed from Web Settings.

Note: The 404 Web Message will still be available within System Administrator>Module Settings>Website>Settings>Widgets for the time being, although it won’t be used anywhere in the system.

The 404 page has been replaced with a Closed Advert message which includes a link to the Job Search page:

This change also updates the validThrough job posting property which we pass to Google for Jobs and displays it as the Closed date of the advert.

The Apply button has been disabled and the Refer a Friend option has been hidden.

Users can view and edit the Closed Advert message within the System in the new place for Web Messages; Website>Job Search>Web Messages

Employer Portal Last Login

For enterprise clients, we have added the ability to see the last time a user has logged into the employer portal.

You can find this new ‘Last Login’ column from either the Employer Portal Settings or on a contact record.

Formatted CV

We have made a change to the permissions for the creation of formatted CV’s.

This change means that any Super User, Compliance User, Recruitment Manager or Recruiter will now be able to create a formatted CV from any tab on the candidate record.

The user permission to edit formatted CVs will no longer control whether a user can create a formatted CV, this option will always be available for Super Users, Compliance Users, Recruitment Managers and Recruiters.

To find this permission navigate to Settings > User Management > User Permissions.

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