Creating a new card

You can create a new report card by clicking Add:

You will see the new card side panel show on the right side of the screen, this is where you will create your report card.

Visualisation Tab

When on the visualisation tab you will notice a report preview display appear; this will be blank until you select the module and group by value.

Once these values have been selected the graph preview on the left updates in real-time while you filter the data.


This is a mandatory field and will appear as the title for your report card.


You will have an option to select a module when creating your report card. This is the type of information you are wanting to display. You can choose from these options:

For more information on each module, you can click on their respective links.

Display By

The available Primary and Secondary Display options are dependant on the module that has been selected.

At the moment measure by will always show as count as all of our reports are currently measured by count.

Card Type

This is the type of graph you want to display your data in. You can find out more information on these cards following the below links:

Data Tab

Selecting the data tab provides you deeper insights on what exact data the graph is showing.

Each module has default columns selected and any Primary Grouping or Filter that is selected will also select the corresponding column as default.

For example, when selecting the Advert Module, the default columns are Advert ID and Advert Title. Selecting the Primary Display option Advert Status would also select the column Advert Status by default.

To get more information on on the graph, you can add in new Columns within the data tab and the additional information will show.

Click Save in the bottom right of the preview window to save any changes.

Editing a card

You can remove or edit a card by clicking the ellipsis icon (…) at the top right of the card:

When editing the side panel will show again, allowing you to make updates to the card.

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