Advert Posting on Enterprise Sites

We have added the functionality to post an advert to secondary sites when creating an advert on a primary site.

This new functionality will show on the ‘New Advert’ page when creating an advert and is called ‘Post on Secondary Sites’.

The ‘Post on Secondary Site(s)’ option will only show on the recruiter portal, and only if the client has secondary site(s).

The adverts posted on each secondary site will be an exact copy of the original advert created on the primary site. This will include preferences and pre-screen questions.

To allow users to easily identify the site that a job has been posted to, the web site logo will show on the Live Adverts page and the Adverts search page.

When reposting or updating an advert on the primary site, any changes made will not carry over to the sibling adverts created on secondary sites. The reposting and updating workflows will not be affected by these changes.

At the moment, the primary site will have a copy of each advert that has been posted, linking to the site this has been posted on.

The secondary site will show one job advert, for the job that was posted on that site.

Primary Site

Secondary Site

More info can be found here on the Fish Tank

API and Pay & Bill Settings Page

With the improvements we have made in the last quarter to the API’s for Companies, Candidates, Contacts and Placements/Offers we have now added to new pages to the Integrations called API and Pay & Bill.

More info on this update can be found here:

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