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With the API Settings and Pay & Bill Settings being released last week, we have now updated the Firefish API to include the Jobs scope.


Using the Jobs scope; you can search for jobs using the Date, Title, Company-Name, Job-Types, etc. or view individual job details including Custom Fields, Job Fields using the job ID.  

All the data that is currently available on the ‘Export Jobs’ standard report is now available in the Jobs Scope.   

We have also updated the API Settings page to now include Jobs under the Scopes as shown below:

More info can be found on the following pages:


Company Terms – Follow Ons

You will now have the ability to set Permanent Terms Bands in a company record, and to enable authorisation on Permanent, Contract and Credit Details sections of the company record.

To Do List & Review Date Action

To allow Recruiters to keep on top of agreed terms with their companies, a To Do list reminder will now be created when the Review Date is updated on a Company terms tab.

This will make it easier for you to know when a company’s terms review date is coming up because it’s on the Dashboard.

In the ‘Company’ group, the To Do list is called ‘Review Terms’:

This To Do list will remain on the your dashboard until the items on it are cleared.

If the review date is updated on the Company record, it will be updated on the list too.

Clicking the ‘Notes’ symbol will show the text from the action note which says, “Review Date changed from 14/11/2021 to 14/11/2022”:

Companies which don’t have a Permanent or Contract Recruiter populated will create a To Do list on the dashboard of the Company Owner instead.

To Do list items are only going to be created for review dates which are changed going forward, it won’t show review dates which are already populated on the system.

Contact Record Emails

The following three emails can be sent to a Contact from a Company record:

  • Proposal

  • Permanent Terms

  • Contract Terms

We’ve added the ability to send these from the Contact record itself and in turn, moved these from being a “Company Action” to a “Contact Action”.

This means that if a user is already on a Contact record, they don’t need to come to the Company record to send these emails to the Contact.

This is easier to use and it’s more intuitive for the user. The same action is recorded on the Contact and Company records, regardless of where it’s performed from:

The email option ‘Terms’ has been removed, because it’s been replaced with the Permanent and Contract terms options.

This is to simplify the workflow, so you just have the same two options, whether they’re sent from the Contact or Company records.


The ‘Terms’ email action was also used to drive a KPI on the user dashboard.

This has also been replaced with ‘Permanent Terms Sent’ and ‘Contract Terms Sent’:

If you only have one of the workflows enabled, then the stats and targets for ‘Terms Sent’ will now show up in that workflow’s KPI.

For example, if they only have the Permanent workflow enabled their ‘Terms Sent’ KPI will carry over and will become their ‘Permanent Terms Sent’ KPI.

If the both workflows are enabled, then the ‘Terms Sent’ stats will go into one workflow KPI or the other.

Email Templates

The email templates for ‘Send Proposal’, ‘Send Permanent Terms’ and ‘Send Contract Terms’ have been moved from the Company module into the Contact module.

This is a more intuitive place and should make them easier to find for our users, since these emails are sent to Contacts:


The ‘Permanent Terms Sent’ and ‘Contract Terms Sent’ activities will pull through to client’s reports, too.

On the Reports Dashboard, they will now be able to filter by these actions:

More information can be found on the following pages:

Preview functionality – System Logos

We have now added the preview functionality to all the Logo upload fields within Settings>System Configuration>Branding.

This will allow you to preview any image they upload here, download, and change the filename:

This change was instigated by further investigations into optimising the Social Sharing Logo for Google for Jobs; allowing you to ensure the filename for their logo matches the filename for the logo they have added on their Google Account.

Company Address – Additional Fields

We have now made County and Country fields available within Website>Web Settings>Branding>Contact Details:

These fields will appear in the Company Address section of the Footer on the following Web Templates: Barracuda, Blowfish, Clownfish, Coral, Shark, Squid, Oyster.

The Contact Us page on Tetra will also display these fields:

Example - Coral


Reports Dashboard – Advert Module

To allow you to start reporting on advert data we have added the Advert Module to the reports dashboard:

During this first phase, the advert summary dataset is now available to be reported on within the dashboard.

The Primary and Secondary groupings available for this dataset are:

  • Advert Status – Showing if the advert is Live or Closed

  • Advert Workflow – Showing if the advert is Permanent or Contract

  • Advert Owner

The default columns selected when the module chosen is Advert are Advert Title and Advert ID.

The following columns have also been added:

  • Advert Status

  • Company ID

  • Company

  • User

  • Contact ID

  • Contact

  • Advert Type

  • Job ID

  • Job Title

  • Job Type

  • Duration

  • Remuneration

  • Discipline

  • Role

  • Location Area

  • Location

  • Specialisation

  • Sub Specialisms

  • Salary From

  • Salary To

  • Rate From

  • Rate To

  • Branding

  • Website

  • Posted Date

  • Closing Date

  • Total Days Posted

  • Number of Hits

  • Number of Alerts

  • Number of Emails

  • Number of Applications

  • Total Considered

  • Total Not Progressed

  • Total Awaiting Progressing

In the next phase of work for the advert module we will be including filters to refine the reports as well as the Advert Activity Dataset. More info can be found on the following pages:

Advert Activity Filters

On the recent Activity Stream within a Company and Contact record the filter Advert Activity has been split out by activity.

This change was requested to show further information on what the advert activity is within the reports dashboard.

In the Contact Record the filters now available are New Advert and Close Advert:

In the Company Record the available filters are Advert Authorisation, Advert Authorised, Closed Advert and New Advert:

Within the reports dashboard these activities now show instead of ‘Advert Activity’:

Advert Recent Activity – Advert Logo

For Enterprise users we have added the Advert Logo onto any of the Advert Actions:

also the Linked Adverts section on a Job Summary:

This allows users to easily identify which site each advert is posted on, and which site each action was performed on.

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