Angelfish – Font Management

As mentioned previously, we are working to release the font management functionality for all our dynamic templates. These will be release on a template-by-template basis.

This week we will be releasing this functionality to out angelfish lite template!

The suggested font family for this template is: Verdana

Fish Tank

Mahi Mahi – Small Changes

Job Cards

We have made some small improvements to the Mahi Mahi template, including standardising the job advert cards so the additional plugin is consistent with the list page:

  • Advert titles will show a maximum of 2 lines before showing ellipsis.

  • The spacing for cards will be consistent per row.

  • We have updated the branding link of the ‘View All’ button to pull from the card background and title text on additional plugins.

Primary Content

We have also made some changes to the primary content area, whereby if no content is added, the spacing is now removed and will no longer show a blank area:


We have made some minor changes to the footer for Mahi Mahi, these include:

  • Removing the ‘About Us’ header.

  • If no links show the ‘Useful links’ title will not display.

  • Copyright tag has been added.


New Job Filter

We have moved the 'New Job’ filter to sit under the ‘Recruitment’ heading rather than the ‘Workflow’ heading.

This has been changed in the following areas:

Job Recent Activity Stream

Standard Reports

Reports Dashboard Filters

Document Reference Setting

We have created a new setting under the Module Settings > Jobs > General called “Are placement reference documents mandatory”.

We found that the reference name could be a mandatory setting in the job offer page but there wasn’t a setting for the document.

The new setting will now allow you to have the Name and Document as a mandatory field or have either one as a mandatory field.

This setting also works on a per site basis so you can choose to have different settings per site.

Here is image of the references settings:

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