Events Plugin

The Events Plugin will allow you to add an Events Calendar to your site - meaning visitors can check out all the great events you are hosting/attending!

To create an Event, click through Website > Events Plugin and hit Add New.

Give your event a Name and Date- You'll also need to make this Live to show on the site and if your website has the functionality you can make this a Featured event.

Add more details to the event on the website by adding a Profile:

You should use the SEO tab to add in a Page Title, Description and Keywords.

Social Image - The social image slot allows you to give your blog a specific image to use when sharing on social media.

In order to get the best results for your blog social image when using the below ‘Social Image’ slot, we would advise only using file names that are all text characters with no spaces, numbers, or special characters. E.g. - BlogImageOne.Png.


You can also add in a featured image to the event by using the Images tab.

Once you'll completed all of this, hit Save to add the event to your live site.