Firefish API Documentation

What the Firefish API is for and how to access it

The Firefish Application Programming Interface (API) provides access to Candidate, Contact, Company,  Jobs, Placement/Offer Details, Actions & Adverts made within the Firefish system (Including Extensions and Terminations), and allows filtering by Candidate, Contact, Company, Date and Team.

The Firefish API helps us integrate with other platforms you might use (such as timesheet, HR or accounting systems) without the need for CSV or Excel exports.

The API also currently allows 2-way access to Candidate, Company and Contact records, allowing you to create and update these records directly in your database using an external platform.

To access our documentation, click the link below to access our live API Reference site:


Firefish Public API Live Documentation 


The following is covered in our documentation:

  • How to access the API

  • Technical considerations for those implementing a system based on the API

  • The available end points and data returned by the API

  • The available end points for writing data to Firefish via the API
  • Examples of successful and unsuccessful API calls in the development language of your choice
  • Access to a Postman collection that Developers can use to test our available endpoints 
  • A record of changes and additions made to our API over the previous 6 months.


This website is written for software developers, and as such you'll need to know JSON, HTTP and OAuth to read it.

To set up your Custom API through the API Settings, use this Link to see how to set up your scopes and get your login credentials.

For information on enabling one of our native pay & bill integrations, check out this page.