Firefish Email Add-in Troubleshooting

Commonly asked queries about the Firefish add ins

Fish Tank Contents Header-1Here you'll find details on troubleshooting common issues with each of our Add Ins:


My email inbox doesn't have a 'Manage add-ins' page, what do I do?

When you login to Outlook on the web, you may have the light version of Outlook enabled, which looks something like this:

Untitled design (35)

To install the add-in, you'll firstly need to disable the light version by going to Options > Outlook Version then un-tick the "Use the light version" option and click Save:

Untitled design (36)

You'll then need to log out then log back in before following the steps to install the Firefish Outlook Web Add-in.

I uploaded a candidate but there was a problem with the attachment?

If you move an email which has an attachment into another folder in Outlook; it's possible for the document path to be broken. This can result in the Add-in not being able to find the attachment on the email.

If this happens you'll see the following message:

Untitled design (37)

Your candidate record will still have been created but the document will need to be uploaded onto the candidates record via Firefish.

I'm using a shared or public inbox

Currently the Firefish add in is not supported for shared or public inboxes. Although you may find that the add in is available to use, we can't guarantee or troubleshoot missing functionality at this time.

My add in is greyed out

If you're reading pane is not enabled on outlook the Firefish add in will be greyed out and disabled.

For example, being in an empty folder where no email is selected:

Untitled design (38)

When the reading pane is enabled the add in will show in colour and will be enabled:

Untitled design (39)

Gmail Add-in

Content not available for this message?

For some emails you may get a message stating "Content not available for this message". Gmail add ins are unable to load emails received from an address which does not have an SPF record.

Untitled design (40)

This issue would need to be resolved by the email sender's email host.

Still having any issues? Get in touch with Support.


I'm receiving a Blocked Sign-in attempt notification

As part of the built in security settings, Gmail will block any attempted sign in from a device not recognised or trusted to your account:

Untitled design (41)

As well as protecting you from unauthorised attempts to sign in to your account you may receive the message when using the add-in from a new device for the first time, or if your IP settings have recently changed.

By selecting Check Activity you will be able to see the details of the sign-in attempt and rectify to allow yourself access.

Untitled design (42)

It's important to remember that these notifications will be sent to the recovery email account you have listed with Gmail