How to Change the Colours on Your Website

Here's how to update the colours on your website.

Firefish gives you the ability to easily change different colours on your website.

The changes are made through the web branding tab on the web settings page.

You will then have the functionality to change the colours within the following areas:

  • Header

  • Banner

  • Primary Menu

  • Secondary Menu

  • Primary Colour Palette

  • Plugin Card Palette

  • Primary Button

  • Secondary Button

  • Footer

For the best look and feel we would recommend using 3/4 different colours within the branding. As above, we have picked Black, Red and Grey - it's recommended to use different colours that still complement each other.

For example, firstly, select a general background colour - this would usually be white or black.

Then your two/three branding colours - these would be best coming from your Logo or other branding used by your business! Make sure these are colours that don't clash such as bright pink and green - use colours that are known to match such as red & blue, or two shades of the same colour, such as sky blue and navy.