How to Enable Email Logging

Set up and manage your email logging settings, including BCC, forwarding addresses and never log list.

If you're a Super User, you can set up and manage all your Firefish integrations in Integrations settings - including Email Logging.

Here's a breakdown of what each section is for and how to get set up.

Note: You must be a Super User to manage settings.

Use this tab to enable and manage your Email Logging feature.

Enabling Email Logging

The video below shows you how to set up your Email Logging settings. You can also use the step-by-step written instructions below the video:

To enable Email Logging, ensure that the setting has been enabled like below:

Once you have enabled this feature it will be enabled for all your users without them needing to enable the feature. Each user will have access to their own Email Logging page under My Integrations.

BCC and forwarding addresses

You will also notice on this page that you have a BCC Address and Forwarding Address that are unique to your System.

These addresses will automatically appear when logging emails directly from Outlook, or you can add them in manually.

Never-log list

You can also add email addresses or domains to a Never-Log list. This list will ensure that emails sent to these email addresses will never be logged in your database:

Never Log2