How to Set up Click to Call

Step by step guide on setting up click to call.


First you will need to request the integration to be enabled. You'll find this in Settings > Integrations > Call Settings:

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Then under Integrations - Call click the Request button:

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This will send an email to Support and we'll be in touch to enable click to call within our standard SLA timeframes.

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Enabling Users

Go to Settings > Integrations > Call Settings to choose which of your users can use this feature.

Any minutes that you purchase will be shared among all users you've activated to use click to call. Check out more information on call packages here.

Just tick the box in the Enabled column to give a user the ability to use click to call:

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Call Settings for Individual Users

If you're a user that has been enabled to use click to call, you can go to your name at the top right of the screen > My Integrations> Call Settings to add a phone number which will be seen by any candidate or contact who receives a call via Firefish.

Just click on Add then enter your phone number. You click on the flag icon to select a different country code:

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Once you've entered your number, click Verify. You'll then receive a phone call to where you can enter your 6 digit validation code:

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Once you've entered the validation code, you should see the following message confirming that your phone number has been verified:

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