How to Set up the Sourcewhale Integration

Here is how you set up your Sourcewhale Integration.

Sourcewhale is a business development automation platform for recruiters that can easily funnel candidates, contacts, and companies into your Firefish database from a variety of different sources.

Before you can use Sourcewhale, you will need to have an active account with them – visit the website for more information.

Enabling the Sourcewhale Integration

To activate the Sourcewhale integration, ask your super user to navigate to the Settings Cog and choose Integrations -> Automation.

In the section labelled ‘Sourcewhale’, click the ‘Enable’ button.


Once you have enabled the integration, you will receive a Client ID and Client Secret.


Navigate to your Integration Settings in the Sourcewhale app, find the Firefish Icon, and click the connect button:

Copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret into the relevant boxes. In the Domain field, add in your regular Firefish URL.

Record syncing between Firefish and Sourcewhale

Record syncing is controlled by your settings in Sourcewhale and can be done manually or in response to certain actions (such as adding a Contact to a Business Development Campaign). To do so, select your record(s) in Sourcewhale and click ‘Actions’.

When a record is created in Sourcewhale, the integration will first attempt to match the person with candidates and contacts in Firefish using the email address. If it cannot find a match, it will instead create a new record. It will generally take the integration a few seconds to update a single record, so if you are syncing a lot of records at once it will take a bit longer!

The flow of information between the two platforms focuses on Sourcewhale updating Firefish. If you update a record in Sourcewhale (for example someone’s name, or add a note, or opt them out of marketing), this will automatically be updated in Firefish.

If you are working with a candidate or contact in Firefish and no longer wish to reach out to them as part of a Sourcewhale campaign – for example a newly placed candidate or a contact you no longer wish to send business development or sales communications – you will need to update Sourcewhale separately to decide whether you are opting them out of specific projects, outreach types or from all communications.