Installing the LinkedIn Chrome Extension

How to install and login to the Firefish Chrome Extension for LinkedIn directly to your Google Chrome browser.

The Firefish Chrome Extension for LinkedIn allows you to create and update both candidate and contacts directly in your Firefish database by using information found on a person's LinkedIn Profile page.

Note: The recommended browser for this extension is Google Chrome, but the extension is also compatible with Microsoft Edge. Click here to install Google Chrome.



Adding the Extension to Chrome

  • Navigate to the Chrome Web Store by clicking here

    1. In the search bar, find the extension by typing 'Firefish'

    2. Alternatively click here to be sent directly to the plugin page.

  • Click 'Add to Chrome' to install the extension into your Chrome Browser.

  • Once the extension has been successfully installed, a Firefish icon will appear in your browser's toolbar.

Logging into your Database via the Extension

  • Navigate to LinkedIn and then open the extension by clicking on the icon found in your Chrome Toolbar

  • Enter your Firefish URL into the 'Domain' field and click 'Sign In'

  • Enter your user login details (the same user details you would use to sign into your Firefish Account:



Logging Out

Once you have logged into the extension, your login details will remain cached until you clear your browser settings, or log out manually.

To log out of the browser, right click on the Firefish Icon in the Chrome toolbar and click 'Options'. A screen will pop out with a log out button.