Legal Plugin

Manage your Terms of Business and Candidate agreement in the legal plugin

Update your Candidate Agreement or Terms of Business and share your latest updates with your candidates in bulk from the Legal Plugin.

Go to Website and select Legal Plugin. There's an edit button which will allow you to open up your agreement:

From here you can save any changes and send a test email. Once you're happy with the email, use Request Agreement to send this out to your non compliant candidates.

If a candidate declines your agreement or ignores your GDPR Email it may be time to think about deleting them from your database as they haven’t given you consent to hold their data.

Deleting the candidates will permanently remove their details from the system, including any documents attached to their profile.

Super Users can do this in bulk from a search, and all users can delete individual candidates from there record.

Toggle For Candidate Preferences

This can be toggled on and off to show on the Communication Preferences Form, as GDRP is not a requirement in some countries.
To do this, access Candidate Agreement from within Legal, and toggle the Show on Communications Preferences Form to show or be hidden.