Making Bulk Placements

How to make a bulk placement on a Job.

Before you can place a candidate at Offer stage, you'll firstly need to ensure the candidates compliance details have been completed.

Depending on your settings a Super User or Compliance User may be required to authorise this.

Once the compliance has been completed and the candidates status has been changed to 'Ready to Place' you can now place your candidates.

To make a bulk placement on a Contract or Permanent job select the candidates you wish to place and then press 'Place'


You'll then have the opportunity to edit the placement details for the selected candidates:


Once the placement details have been complete press Confirm to progress.

Upon clicking Confirm the placement emails will be generated.

Note As bulk placement is a quick placement method there will be no CVs generated when making a bulk placement on a contract job.

Within the email templates the following inserts can be used to bring through each candidates placement details to the relevant emails:

  • Placement Details Insert

  • Placement - Accounts Insert

  • Placement - HR Inset

Using these inserts will ensure that each candidate being placed is included in the Contact, Accounts and HR email sent when a placement is made. Each candidate will still receive and email confirming the placement.

Once the emails have been sent/skipped you'll be taken to the Placements tab where you'll be able to see all placements made on the job.